ErgodyneErgodyne tool pouch

 Ergodyne has launched its newest Arsenal® Tool Storage creation: the Arsenal Topped Parts Pouch in canvas (5528) and tarpaulin (5538). Featuring a hands-free, self-closing Trap Door top, the 5528 and 5538 store small parts, hardware and tools inside, preventing these items from plummeting at heights when tipped over while also providing easy and efficient retrieval. Designed with dropped-object prevention in mind, the Arsenal Topped Parts Pouch boasts two exterior nickel-plated D-Rings for easy tool lanyard attachment points along with two additional exterior tool loops. Offered in waterproof tarpaulin material (5538) and 20-ounce water-resistant canvas (5528), both house a patented nickel-plated storm drain to stay resilient in the toughest of conditions and environments. For more information, visit