CHICAGO — USG Corporation unveiled its latest roofing innovation, USG Securock® Brand Concrete Roof Deck Panel, at the IRE. USG Securock Concrete Roof Deck Panel is a durable structural panel that can be combined with other noncombustible materials to create a one- and two-hour fire-rated roof-ceiling assembly. This product introduces a new category within USG’s high-performance roofing portfolio.

“While best known for our USG Securock roof boards, this product allows us to provide a more comprehensive roofing solution to better meet the needs of our customers,” said Mike Inman, product manager at USG. “The dimensionally stable panel will not buckle or warp like wood sheathing, or experience moisture issues like traditional concrete decks, making it an ideal alternative to plywood, metal decking and concrete.”

Samples of the USG Securock Brand Concrete Roof Deck Panel along with a complete line of USG roofing products will be on display during the expo. The product line includes Securock Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board; SecurockCement Roof Board; SecurockGlass-Mat Roof Board; and Securock Gypsum-Concrete Patch.

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