Polyglass U.S.A.

 In response to the increasing demand for durable white reflective roofs, Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. has launched its latest white roof system option with a line of advanced silicone roof coatings products that include water-based and solvent-based options, primers and accessories. Polyglass silicone roof coatings are inorganic, moisture-cured coatings that provide a seamless, flexible and durable protective barrier against weather elements. Polyglass offers two silicone roof coating options as part of its Kool Roof Solutions®: Polybrite 90, a premium-grade, high-solids, single-component silicone roof coating; and Polybrite 95, a solvent-based, ready-to-use silicone roof coating. Both Polybrite 90 and Polybrite 95 meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM D6694 and ASTM C1305; are UL Class A rated and will soon be ENERGY STAR® approved; are rated with the Cool Roof Rating Council; and are Factory Mutual approved, Miami Dade County compliant and Florida Building Code approved. For more information, click here or visit www.polyglass.us.