"With twenty profiles of E-Z Gutter Guards at your disposal, it’s like having your own custom gutter protection division,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jim Ealer Jr. “Your E-Z distributor has the products you need for any job — no matter the type of gutter, debris or price.”

E-Z Gutter manufactures 20 different models of gutter guard protection, with multiple types of mesh screens, solid covers and metals — from powder-coated steel and aluminum to mill-finish and painted aluminum. Installation is easy — the installers can choose to simply snap E-Z Gutter Guards into the gutter or screw them to the front hem of the gutter; they can also decide to either not disturb the shingles or install into the first row of shingles. E-Z has products for standard K-style, half-round, fascia and shop-made gutter systems. All E-Z products are available for 5 and 6-inch gutters, and some products up to 12 inches wide.

E-Z-LOCK has been manufactured since 1983 and is the industry standard for powder-coated steel gutter screen.

E-Z-MASTER FLOW has our highest level of engineering to date — with perforations and an arched rear, this recessed cover works with both types of hangers and simply snaps into the gutter without fasteners. E-Z-DUAL FLOW works for both standard hidden hangers and the H-D type with the screw built in. These two new products complete the family of perforated covers.

E-Z-SMOOTH FLOW is an aluminum cover perforated with 5/16-inch holes; it drops into the gutter for a low-profile guard.

E-Z-SOLID is our proven surface-tension cover with patented multiple radius front curves that allow it to be the lowest-profile solid cover on the market. It installs with stainless steel clips, and the back slides into the first row of shingles.

Another new product, E-Z-SENTRY SOLID, uses our multiple radius curves with an even lower profile. It just snaps into the gutter with no clips and doesn’t disturb the shingles. With this industry exclusive quick install method, E-Z-SENTRY SOLID will revolutionize the market.

We have reorganized our H/R line for seamless half-round gutters using hidden hangers. Each just snaps into the gutter for a low-profile install. E-Z-H/R DELUXE is a small-hole, steel powder-coated screen; E-Z-H/R SUPERIOR is a micro mesh powder-coated aluminum screen; and E-Z-H/R ARMOR is a louvered painted aluminum cover.

 E-Z Gutter Guards are manufactured by Midwest Enterprises, a family-run business since 1983 with the knowledge and experience to produce the highest-quality, common sense products that are high performance yet easily installed. The company prides itself on being the gutter installers’ best friend. 

For more information, visit www.e-zgutter.com.