The Doctor Is In!

InterWrap, the makers of Titanium® and RhinoRoof®, is excited to announce the launch of its latest roofing product. UDL-MD is a high-grade synthetic underlayment designed for use as a base sheet in 2-ply applications. The product has received Miami-Dade approval using Titanium PSU30 as the self-adhered top sheet.

The unique combination of UDL-MD and Titanium PSU30’s superior adhesion, water-tight lap seal technology, six-month UV ratings and 30-year limited warranties make it the ultimate leak protection for roofing applications requiring a synthetic 2-ply system.

UDL-MD may be a new product, but you can rest assured that it has been designed and manufactured to the same high standards of excellence and safety that roofers rely on. Try UDL-MD on your next 2-ply roofing system and enjoy a healthier, longer roof life.

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