OMG Roofing ProductsOMG roof mount system

 OMG Roofing Products has introduced the PowerGrip Plus Roof Mount System: a watertight structural attachment system used to secure ballasted solar racks and other equipment to roofs covered with thermoplastic (TPO and PVC) membranes. The system is designed with wind performance in mind, and properly installed units reduce rack movement and remain watertight. PowerGrip Plus units are easy to install, saving both time and labor. A wide membrane skirt promotes easy welding in place, and the 15/8 diameter and ½-inch-tall mount provides an optimal perch for securing brackets or struts. The exposed 1-inch-tall and 3/8-inch-diameter bolt and mounting stand are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum alloy for superior long-term performance. In addition to ballasted solar racks, PowerGrip Plus units can be used for other roof mounted items such as pipe supports, step crossovers, raceways, satellite dishes, small antennas and HVAC applications. For more information, visit