TAMKO Building Products is introducing QuickVent, a nail gun-able continuous ridge vent designed to properly ventilate attic space when used in conjunction with soffit vents. It is a classic style ridge vent made from nylon matrix technology. The product comes with up to a 40-year Limited Warranty from TAMKO, and installs with a pneumatic roofing nail gun for quick and easy installation. Its innovative design provides effective shingle-over ventilation. QuickVent is made from see-through material for easier centering over the ridge, and it requires no baffles, metal connectors, end caps or special filters, simplifying the installation process. Its lightweight, easy-to-cut material eases installation and helps reduce labor, and its compression-resistant design creates a stiffer nailing area. For more information, visit: www.tamko.com/ResidentialRoofing/Ventilation/QuickVent.