OMG Roofing ProductsOMG Red Line Roof Drain

 OMG Roofing Products of has introduced the RedLine AFR Roof Drain, a tool-free system that provides for maximum allowable flow for gravity-based, open-channel roof drainage systems. The drain’s mechanical seal can be activated by hand, eliminating the need for tools and significantly reducing installation time. The product’s design featuring the RedLine AFR Vortex Breaker has been tested for maximum allowable flow and to minimize the danger of creating pressurized flow. The drain is designed to perform at specific GPM levels based on plumbing recommendations, and it exceeds ANSI/SPRI RD1. The patent pending RedLine AFR Backflow Mechanical Seal can be installed by hand, creating a perfectly symmetrical watertight connection and preventing over tightening or under tightening during installation. For more information, visit