Emerson Industrial AutomationEmerson roof and gutter de-icing system

 EasyHeat helps building owners prevent ice buildup with a full line of self-regulating or resistance heaters, cables and controls for virtually every roof or gutter de-icing job. Designed to efficiently reduce ice formation along roof edges, in gutters, drains and downspouts, the systems ensure a safe path for meltwater, allowing it to flow harmlessly off the building. For residential and commercial applications, EasyHeat offers its SR Trace® self-­regulating heating cable that automatically varies its heat output with changes in surrounding temperatures. EasyHeat PSR cables are also self regulating but are available in convenient pre-terminated lengths with factory-sealed connections. The commercial-grade ZH constant wattage cable from EasyHeat is braided for grounding and overjacketed with a flame- and ultraviolet-resistant material, while MI TRACE cable is a fixed, series resistance, constant wattage cable used in commercial and industrial applications. For residential, the company also offers its ADKS cable systems in kits that include roof clips and cable spacers. For more information, visit www.easyheat.com.