RoofScreen ManufacturingRoofScreen roof attachment system

 RoofScreen offers a patented engineered and leak-proof roof attachment system to ensure the integrity of the roofing system. It starts with a 6-by-6-inch steel base support, available in a variety of lengths to accommodate any insulation thickness. The support is attached with bolts or lag screws to the roof structure through the interior of the base support. Specially fitted flashing boots are then installed and roofed in by a qualified roofing contractor. After roofing is completed, a self-adhesive EPDM gasket strip is applied around the top of the flashing, which provides added protection from snow, ice and splashing water. The final step is to install the Base Cap Assembly, which counter flashes 2.4 inches over the flashing and creates a seal by compressing the gasket. This watertight structural mounting point is ideal for mechanical equipment screens equipment platforms and solar panel racking systems. In addition, RoofScreen eliminates the need for periodic maintenance. There will never be a need to add temporary caulking. For more information, visit