HiltiHilti Rotating Laser

The new Hilti PR 2-HS Rotating Laser was built to withstand harsh jobsite conditions while providing best-in-class leveling time. With this new tool, transferring heights, setting slopes or simple leveling are made easy with clearly defined function buttons. With integrated Hilti Pulse Power technology, users will see highly reliable readings (an accuracy of +/- 0.02 inch at 32.8 feet) even under bright light conditions. The operating range for the new PR 2-HS is 6-2,000 foot diameter with the included laser receiver. This ruggedly built tool with shock-absorbing improvements means it is designed to resist a drop from a tripod at standard working heights. And with the added IP 66 rating making the PR 2-HS dust tight and water resistant, it is sure to withstand some of the harshest jobsite conditions. For more information, visit www.us.hilti.com.