INDIANAPOLIS Firestone Building Products Co. has announced the availability of its Build My Roof App for iPad and Android tablet devices. The app is available as a free download directly from iTunesor the Google Play Store.Firestone Build My Roof App

Starting from the deck and selecting additional components, contractors, sales representatives and architects can literally construct a virtual roof using any of the Firestone roofing systems. The Build My Roof App intuitively narrows options to only those appropriate to the selected assembly. Users can create multiple projects, save plans and add construction notes. A convenient R-Value calculator is built in, making it easier to construct a roof that meets the necessary codes.

The app also identifies environmentally appropriate selections that can earn credits for the RoofPoint™ green roof rating system. A roofing system that earns 12 credits meets the minimum requirements to become a registered RoofPoint project, demonstrating that the roof selected meets or exceeds Firestone’s warranty requirements while incorporating sustainable roofing practices.

Once project input is complete, a PDF summary page details selections, allowing the user to edit and/or email the document for further review. The summary page features include:

• Roofing assembly graphics and a list of components

• Firestone requirements and appropriate disclaimers often found in assembly letters

• Details of the RoofPoint credits earned

•  Construction and assembly notes that have been added

“This easy-to-use and convenient, new app is a great way for contractors and reps to truly differentiate themselves with their customers — building owners, consultants or architects,” said John Geary, director of education and industry relations, Firestone Building Products. “All of the decision points are clearly displayed and available for sharing electronically or viewing on a tablet on-site. The Build My Roof App is a great way to move through the specification process to a successful roofing job.”

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