WAYNE, N.J. — GAF now offers Deck-Armorand Tiger PawCustom Logo Programs, which are designed to help its contractors and distributors not onlyGAF Custom Logo Program differentiate themselves from their competition but also build their reputation in their community. 

These two products are widely known in the industry as two of the safest and highest-performing roof deck protection products on the market today, helping to protect roofs from leaks and moisture that can cause costly damage. The Custom Logo Program lets GAF factory-certified contractors, distributors and lumber yards add their company logos to the surface of either roof deck protection, allowing the logo to serve as a virtual billboard for their company during the roofing job.  The logo will normally be visible from the road.

“The Custom Logo Program is just another way that GAF is helping its contractors and distributors build their businesses through innovative products and programs,” Product Manager Jeff Avitabile said. “The Custom Logo Program has been very well received among our contractors and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.”

Form more information, visit www.gaf.com.