FREMONT, Calif. — PetersenDean, a privately-held roofing and solar company, has announced the promotion of Wendi Zubillaga to chief sales officer. Zubillaga will provide overall direction and guidance to the sales activities of PetersenDean with the objective of maximizing growth and profitability as well as day-to-day leadership and management to all company sales functions.PetersenDean Promotes Wendi Zubillaga to Chief Sales Officer

With more than 29 years of experience in sales and business development in the home building and renewable energy industries, Zubillaga brings great expertise to her new position at PetersenDean. Her proven skills will ensure the company's superior standards and commitment to successful sales production.

As chief sales officer, she will be responsible for all areas of sales, including customer experience, training, sponsorships, events, and creating and maintaining collateral materials, presentations and advertising.

Zubillaga displays high-performance leadership qualities that PetersenDean prides itself on. “Wendi is the most hard-working, ethical and trustworthy person I have ever worked with," President and CEO Jim Petersen said. "The combination of her passion, confidence and motivation has not only led her to be the top salesperson year after year, but is the reason I chose her to run all sales for my company nationwide. She has broken all the barriers in what is often a male-dominated industry and works with all our major accounts across the United States.”

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