TRUFAST originated the combination of the pre-assembled roofing fastener and insulation plate to increase the productivity of attaching insulation to metal and wood roof decks. Together with specially designed tools and accessories for fastener placement and attachment, TRUFAST offers a simple economical and ergonomic “system solution” to increase productivity in the mechanical attachment of roof insulation.

TRUFAST pre-assembled fasteners and plates feature a #12 drill point fastener with a 3-inch Galvalume™ plate and are available in #3 Phillips Truss Head (PA) and 1/4-inch Hex Head (PAH) styles. Double-flute drill point fasteners with tapered wedge entry thread design provide unmatched drilling performance and back-out resistance for fast, reliable mechanical attachment. The combination of a durable canvas fastener bag and a lightweight, adjustable magnetic setter tool allows a roofer to quickly and accurately place fasteners in the desired fastening pattern without bending over.

The lightweight and easy to maneuver TRUFAST 0-2500 rpm Stand-Up Power Tool allows the operator to quickly and comfortably drive the fasteners to the proper depth without special training. A uniquely designed nosepiece with depth adjustment eliminates under/over-driving fasteners. And, the Stand-Up Power Tool allows you to cover 33 percent more area per day over conventional fastening methods.

The proven performer for adhesive attachment of roof insulation, DOW INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Commercial Roofing Adhesive is a one-component, moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive used for attaching compatible roof insulation boards to roof decks and substrates. Because it is a single-component foam, INSTA STIK™ Quik Set is always on ratio and saves the time and concern of mixing two components on the roof. In addition, it is the lowest cost per square foot of the leading commercial roofing adhesives — a 20 percent to 25 percent average material savings. The same formulation is used for both summer and winter months and works well in a wide range of temperatures, extending the practical working season and hours. And since INSTA STIK™ requires no special application equipment or power sources, it is easy and economical to apply.

 For more information on the complete line of American-made TRUFAST fastening solutions and roofing accessories, please contact your local TRUFAST distributor, or contact TRUFAST Sales Service Department at 800-443-9602, or