Protective Roofing Products LTD is the original manufacturer of the Mobile Fall Protection System. The company has been the leading innovator of fall protection in the roofing industry since 1991. Their lightweight systems are rugged, durable and designed to be used many times over. Each system has been designed for easy installation and dismantling.

All of their products have met and exceeded the standards set out by OSHA and OSH by way of physical testing through Warnock and Hershey, a world-leading testing agency.

The PR600 mobile anchoring system, which provides fall protection for up to three people, with two for fall arrest and one for fall restraint, has recently undergone a redesign. The NEW PR600 mobile fall protection system is now lighter and easier to assemble and disassemble. The reduction in weight also makes the system easier to lift over ducts and piping that may be installed over the roof’s work surface. The component parts of the PR600 can even be taken up the roof in an elevator for ease of use. Safety does remains the key; the redesigned PR600 still offers the same amount of fall protection, using the safety function that if a worker falls over the edge, specially designed pivot points dig into the roof and the ballast weight (which now comes complete with the system) resists the overturning momentum, arresting the fall of the worker.

The PR600 continues to be the optimal choice for:

  • Removing and installing coping
  • Tear-off and installation of leading edge
  • Removal and replacement of in-field roof deck
  • Installing or dismantling edge guardrail systems
  • Working around roof openings
  • Removing or installing covers or skylights
  • Snow removal

 Due to the redesign of the PR600 Mobile Fall Protection System, the cost of the PR600 has been substantially reduced. Contact your local distributor for their new prices, or visit for more information.