Contractors are always about finding the right tools for the job. Tool innovation in the construction industry is about making professionals more versatile, productive and profitable. Those efforts have progressed beyond hand and power tools in today’s environment.

During the last couple of decades, business application technology systems for accounting, contact management, project management and estimating saw significant growth. Since the beginning of this decade however, business has rushed to the mobile app. To remain competitive and win, the contractor needs to be rushing there as well.

One manufacturer who clearly understands this momentum is Atlas Roofing Corporation. Creating technology tools to allow contractors to work more efficiently has become tradition at Atlas. The company just unveiled ProAPP: a contractor app that enhances daily performance of the most important duties of a contractor’s business, and brings it all to the iPad for use wherever he or she happens to be.

Always Working

Contractors are used to getting their hands dirty, and for most, the work continues off the roof. The ProAPP from Atlas Roofing takes the key functions of the contractor’s daily operations, puts them on the iPad and simplifies these processes. Using the ProAPP, contractors create customized estimates manually, or apply preset pricing preferences. Estimates can be added to project profiles as part of full-featured project management functions, which can be accessed and modified in the field or in the office, eliminating time-consuming steps. Plus, the Materials List generator simplifies ordering for roofers and can be integrated within project estimates. EagleView® roof measurements are also available at package prices within the ProAPP.

Always Selling

Selling is a central component of successful business operators. The ProAPP helps contractors take some key selling features with them on the iPad.

Leads for a contractor’s local area can be tracked and managed from the Atlas database. All Atlas literature is available through Atlas Docs™ and can easily be shown to prospects via the iPad.

The Atlas ProAPP allows contractors to show homeowners what different colors and styles may look best on their home. Using the Atlas Color Gauge, homeowners view shingles against their home’s facade via actual photos. The Shingle Visualizer allows them to view different shingle styles on sample homes.

Always Communicating

Project-related communication can make or break contractor efficiency and helps determine success. The ProAPP enhances contractor communication with Atlas, with customers and with other team members. All project information is stored in the cloud, so there is never a reason to not have the info needed, regardless of location.

Contractors can work with all Atlas products when selling and estimating because they’re built into the system. They can also do warranty submissions right from the iPad.

It’s not easy to plan work around the weather, but the ProAPP provides hourly updates for weather tracking in the contractor’s local area, which may help.

The ProAPP still doesn’t load a roof or nail down shingles, but using all the features available from Atlas Roofing should make the lives of those who do much easier.

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