SAGINAW, Mich. — Duro-Last Inc. and EXCEPTIONAL Metals have expanded operations by adding a new manufacturing facility in Carrollton, Texas. This expansion showcases Duro-Last’s commitment to its growing customer base by continuing to provide a convenient venue for roofing products and services.  Strong business growth positions Duro-Last to provide roofing and edge metal products closer to the markets it serves.

“Texas is the strongest market for the single-ply industry, and Duro-Last continues to grow in that area,” Duro-Last CEO Tom Saeli said. “We want to make it easier for our customers in the region to conduct business with Duro-Last and our EXCEPTIONAL Metals division, and Texas is the ideal location.”

The Carrollton plant is Duro-Last’s fifth manufacturing location in the nation, and the fourth location to offer full-service production and support for roofing and edge metal products.  The facility will be fully operational this fall, and brings new employment opportunities to Carrollton and surrounding communities.

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