Urethane sealant

Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing (CS&W) has introduced Dymonic® 100: a urethane sealant that expedites construction schedules and simplifies product selection by providing exceptional movement, the capability to adhere to both damp and green concrete and versatility for use with Tremco's waterproofing membranes, traffic coatings and air barrier membranes. The aliphatic urethane technology used in the product’s formulation enables it to be applied to green concrete 24 hours after the removal of concrete formwork and damp concrete within about 30 minutes after the rain has stopped. Dymonic 100 has a fast cure and skin time, and is paintable, VOC-compliant and provides a 10-year warranty. It’s available in 21 standard colors in both cartridges and sausages. For more information, visit