CHICAGO — The American Ladder Institute (ALI) has completed significant enhancements to its free online Ladder Safety Training platform, including increased accessibility on mobile devices, the availability of all training modules in Spanish, and better tools for managers.

ALI’s Ladder Safety Training website,, has been upgraded to make its free training modules available using a wide range of devices and operating systems. The site’s new responsive design supports the play and control of training videos, tests, and other features using modern Internet browsers, as well as on popular mobile and tablet platforms including Android and Apple iOS.

“The updated ALI Ladder Safety Training platform is a reflection of our strong commitment to the safe use of all ladders by all people,” said Ron Schwartz, ALI president. “We recognize that it’s not enough to set standards and expect them to have any real impact without proper instruction and easy-to-use resources. We are excited that managers and employees can now access the safety training modules, no matter where they are or what technology they use.”

As a major part of the upgrade, the entire website’s contents, including all training videos and tests, are now available in Spanish. This makes the site’s valuable guidance on the proper selection, use and care of various ladders accessible to a far wider audience. Spanish speaking ladder users can visit the site and click on the “Español” button in the top right corner to view the site and the complete training library in Spanish.

“Increasing safety for all ladder users is a universal goal of the ALI,” said ALI Executive Director Janet Rapp. “With our widely-used Ladder Safety Training modules now available in Spanish, we can reach an important and growing segment of ladder users to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace and at home. We encourage all managers of workers who use ladders, as well as all employees who work on ladders, to view these modules, adopt the safety principles they teach, and share them with colleagues.”

The new Ladder Safety Training platform also includes tools that help managers share training modules with employees. Managers can easily add users from within their company, track their progress on each module, and access certificates earned by each trainee.

With these upgrades, all ALI Ladder Safety Training modules can now be easily viewed, shared, and followed by managers and employees in a wide variety of workplace and non-work settings. The modules can be accessed for free online or purchased on DVD through

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