BRYAN, Ohio — ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S., INC. (ABC U.S.) has added two new rooftop accessory lines. ABC U.S. is now partnering with ERICO® International Corporation and Marathon Roofing Products to broaden its TRUFAST product offerings to the commercial roofing market.

TRUFAST is now selling and servicing ERICO® CADDY® PYRAMID Rooftop Pipe and Equipment Supports, which provide an easy method for supporting pipes, conduit and equipment. At the same time, TRUFAST began partnering with Marathon Roofing Products to offer rooftop drains for the first time under the TRUFAST name. New TRUFAST drain products include Aluminum and Copper Retrofit Roof Drains, PVC New Installation Roof Drains, and Cast Iron New Installation Roof Drains.

“The new partnerships have allowed us to broaden the breadth of our offerings,” said Don Levinsohn, Vice President, Sales, TRUFAST. “We’re now a single, trusted source for all rooftop products. These additional products make us more meaningful to our distribution partners, and in some cases, our OEM partners.”

Like TRUFAST, both companies are headquartered in the U.S. and feature 100 percent American-made products. ERICO, of Solon, Ohio, is a manufacturer of engineered products designed for diverse applications in the electrical, mechanical, commercial and industrial, rail and utility markets. It was founded in 1903. Marathon Roofing Products, founded in 1966, is a manufacturer of commercial roof drains, vents, paver supports, equipment and accessories. Its headquarters are in Orchard Park, N.Y. 

“Both of these rooftop accessory product lines have strong features and benefits that we can take to the specification and consultant community,” noted Levinsohn. “In return, we give Marathon and ERICO® a partner with an experienced national sales staff that is dedicated to doing business with the large national distributors. We have a network of seven regional managers, a technical sales staff, and some 40 independent representatives that work in concert with our regional management group. So it’s a true win-win for both partners.”

According to Levinsohn, the partnerships give TRUFAST customers volume-buying incentives as well. “This gives our customers the opportunity to bundle and ship, not just fasteners, plates and adhesives, but also rooftop supports and drains to meet the free freight allowances,” he said. “In addition, they can add the purchased dollars against any programs we might already have with those companies.”

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