NORMAN, Okla. — Weather Fusion LLC, commonly known as, is proud to announce its rebranding as Weather Fusion. This rebranding reflects a 2013 product line expansion, as Weather Fusion will begin offering new weather verification products for perils in addition to hail. All products will be integrated into a single product line within the Weather Fusion family of forensic weather verification products and services. The new corporate website is

“Weather Fusion has always been our corporate name, but when we first came to market we focused exclusively on hail, so most customers referred to us as ‘LiveHailMap’,” stated Don
Giuliano, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Weather Fusion. “With the rapid acceptance of our hail verification products, our team has grown substantially and we have become the largest U.S. - based company focused exclusively on forensic weather verification. This means we are now able to introduce and support new product lines that meet our customers’ rigorous quality assurance needs.”

Giuliano further added, “We are humbled by the product acceptance our customers have granted us, and look forward to serving broader weather verification needs. Our team is excited to begin using the Weather Fusion name, which more accurately defines who we are and what we will offer going forward.”

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