ATLANTA — Atlas Roofing Corp. is excited to participate in the Fourth Annual Millard Fuller Legacy Build, by donating roofing materials for the 2012 renovations.

The weeklong event will take place Sept. 9-14, 2012, in Henry County, Ga. and will feature four home renovation projects. The event celebrates the late Millard Fuller and his work in raising awareness about homelessness and creating affordable housing, including the founding of Habitat for Humanity.

The roofing material donations will come from Atlas Roofing’s manufacturing facility in Hampton, Ga. which is also located in Henry County. The plant is providing complete roofing materials for three of the four renovation projects in the Legacy Build. The materials provided include 60 squares of Atlas Pinnacle HP Weathered Wood Architectural Shingles, 15 rolls of #15 Specification Felt - ASTM D-4869 Underlayment, three boxes of Pro-Cut® Starter Strips and 12 bundles of color-matched Atlas GlassMaster® shingles for hip and ridge cuts.

The Atlas Roofing Hampton manufacturing plant is one of the larger employers in Henry County and has contributed materials to the Fuller Center for Housing on several occasions. “The Fuller Center for Housing is such a great organization. We’re honored to contribute to these projects,” said Hampton Plant Manager Dustin Davidson. “It’s always enjoyable to be able to help local residents of Henry County as well as assist an organization with international reach like the Fuller Center for Housing.”

The Fuller Center for Housing is a faith-based organization founded in 2005 by Millard Fuller and his wife, Linda. The organization is currently building and renovating homes in 14 countries and 64 US communities. With a stated mission to help the more than one billion people worldwide who live in poverty housing and the 100 million who are homeless, the Fuller Center for Housing operates through a network of partners and hundreds of thousands of volunteers. The Legacy Build was established in 2009, several months after Millard Fuller’s unexpected death.

Millard Fuller was a self-made millionaire at a young age. During the 1960‘s, upon re-evaluation of his life along with his wife Linda, he decided to sell everything, give the proceeds to the poor and live a life of service and commitment based on his Christian values. He used his skills in business to found several enterprises, the most well known being Habitat for Humanity, which began in 1976 after he tested the model in Africa during three years of missionary work.

“The Fuller Center for Housing is a great opportunity to support our industry and those in need,” stated Kirk Villar, vice president of Residential Sales and Marketing for Atlas Roofing. “Atlas Roofing Corporation is strongly committed to our local communities throughout North America, like Henry County. We are honored to be one of the participants in this year’s Legacy Build.”

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