VALLEY FORGE, Pa. — For the second consecutive year, CertainTeed Corp.’s Portland Roofing Plant has received the Industrial Source Control Award for demonstrated compliance to industrial pretreatment requirements from the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services. The award honors the plant environmental team’s exceptional work in managing and treating wastewater at the site over the past year.

“This award is another verification of just how serious our team takes efforts to minimize our facility’s impact on the environment,” said Rick Miranda, plant manager for the Portland manufacturing facility. “Over the past few years, our staff’s environmental management system activities have demonstrated our ability to exponentially decrease all types of waste while at the same time improving sustainable manufacturing practices across the board.”

The CertainTeed plant, which manufactures asphalt roofing shingles, is one of only 54 businesses in the area to demonstrate compliance with pretreatment requirements. Specifically the EMS team has maintained an onsite sediment-settling pond, which minimizes pollution and complies with stringent city water regulations. One of the most current projects noted by the city included identifying and controlling other sources of waste and storm water contaminants. The site environmental team also increased the frequency of lot sweeping, tested different filter materials for storm and wastewater outlets, and implemented a weekly site environmental inspection. All have resulted in a significant increase in staff awareness and sensitivity to the environment.

The Portland plant recently achieved ISO 14001 certification for developing a formalized environmental management system. The team of 60 employees has also worked together to cut electricity required at the plant by half. In addition, CertainTeed PowerMax® photovoltaic solar modules were recently installed on the facility’s roof to assist with reducing further utility reliance.

The Portland plant manufactures CertainTeed’s highly popular Landmark™ line of laminated asphalt roofing shingles and accessories, including shingles that are ENERGY STAR®-rated and contribute to NAHB Green Building Standards and LEED® certification. The shingles are manufactured with pre- and post-consumer recycled content, including slag, stone granules, corrugated mixed paper and sludge, which ultimately reduces landfill waste and carbon emissions. More than 90 percent of production waste is recycled and used in asphalt materials for road construction.

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