What would it mean to your business if your folder not only had the ability to create custom parts in-factory but also the capability to receive them wirelessly fromcasse18 the field?

That’s the synergy of the Schechtl Max iFold folder along with the groundbreaking new TrimSpec mobile app and desktop application.

The German engineers at Schechtl have a long history of building the most popular sheet metal folders in the world. The Schechtl MAB and MAX folders lead the industry today in production speed, versatility and ease of use. Add MetalForming’s industry-leading 3-year parts warranty to Schechtl’s legendary reliability, and you have a very strong hardware foundation.

But in today’s business environment, said MetalForming CEO Geoff Stone, providing competitive solutions for his customers has to be about more than hardware. Computers and the internet have brought huge production efficiencies to manufacturing, and now is the time for the roofing construction industry to see those same benefits fall to their bottom line. “Ourgoal today is to provide total solutions for our customers,” said Stone.

The iFold control on the Schechtl MAX is a perfect example of this objective. Drag & draw programming technology allows the iFold operator to draw a part “live” on the screen with his finger, with actual dimensions and angles to scale. In the sequencing mode, iFold’s Picture-in-Picture (PIP) shows the suggested bending sequence prior to part creation. By viewing the bending elements in action, a pre-collision check is possible. An additional innovation, MetalForming’s OnLink Service System, can communicate with the customer right from the control screen with live streaming voice and video. You save the expense of plane fare and travel time for a service call, and get the benefits of having MetalForming’s entire expert team there “virtually” for custom care whenever you need it.

And now with the latest addition of Trim Spec, MetalForming’s revolutionary new software application, the iFold drawing engine becomes mobile, portable to desktop, laptop or tablet. Custom or standard parts jobs can be drawn and orders can be created and delivered to the machine from wherever you or a member of your team can connect to the internet. And you can easily and remotely track it all, from parts design to order status.  

Gathered under the heading of Computer Integrated Roof Manufacturing (CIRM), the innovations at MetalForming are partly an outgrowth of a partnership that began several years ago between the company’s software engineers and folks at Microsoft and Georgia Tech University.
The fruits of that collaboration, said Stone, keep piling up. “Customers see savings from reductions in waste, increased productivity and a quicker response to the ‘just-in-time’ needs of the business,” he said. “They also get real time tracking of how the business is performing.”

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