Macon County Health Department experienced many years of poor ventilation performance in their Decatur, Ill., facility. Condensation regularly soaked thecasse7 fiberglass bat insulation around the inside perimeter of the attic space, ultimately finding its way to the suspended ceiling. As a result, the company enlisted the help of some design and manufacturing professionals to aid them in identifying and solving their ventilation and condensation issues.

Architectural Expressions, with offices in Forsyth and Champaign, Ill., was engaged to assist with the project. They began by researching ventilation solutions to address the building’s existing ventilation issues.

Architect Ryan Anderson discovered one manufacturer in his research that markets a complete roof ventilation system. He crafted his solution for Macon County Health Department around the Techni-Flo™ Engineered Ventilation System from Atlas Roofing® Corporation.

The Techni-Flo™ Engineered Ventilation System is designed to solve the commercial roofing industry’s ventilation needs in steep-slope roofs. The Techni-Flo™ system accommodates both standing seam and shingle roofs, and consists of three components: The Techni-Flo™ EV (eave vent), ACFoam® CrossVent® (or CrossVent® RB), and the Techni-Flo™ RV (ridge vent).

The key to proper ventilation is first, identifying the proper amount of airflow needed to accommodate the buildings ventilation requirements. Secondly, all three components (intake, airflow, and exhaust) must work in harmony with each other. With the help of the Techni-Flo™ team of ventilation experts, each product within the Techni-Flo™ system is designed specifically for the ventilation needs of that specific project.

Ryan Anderson contacted the local Atlas representative Paul Mullins of Adroit Marketing. Mullins and Anderson worked closely to develop a specification utilizing Atlas as a single source for the entire project, simplifying the specification process.

For the Macon County Health Department retrofit, the system specified by Architectural Expressions, Ryan Anderson, consists of 3.5-inch ACFoam® CrossVent® (designed specifically to accommodate the necessary airflow) on top of an additional layer of Atlas ACFoam®-II, fastened with Atlas 7-inch Nail Base Fasteners. 


To protect the CrossVent® throughout the installation process, Atlas Summit® Synthetic Underlayment was selected for its many features and benefits, including its 6 month minimum UV resistance.

In addition, the Atlas WeatherMaster® Granular peel and stick underlayment was specified to provide extra roofing protection for vulnerable areas.

Ryan Anderson topped the system off with Atlas Pinnacle Architectural Shingles. Atlas Pinnacle Shingles feature Scotchgard™ Protector from 3M, which provides lifetime protection from streaks and stains caused by algae. Atlas Pinnacle Shingles also feature superior warranty protection and up to 130 MPH wind resistance.

Last, but not least, Atlas Techni-Flo™ EV and Atlas Techni-Flo™ RV were specified to work in conjunction with the ACFoam® CrossVent® in providing the proper ventilation throughout the system.

Upon completion of the entire Atlas system on the Macon County Health Department project, several individuals commented on the quality of the Atlas products, level of service exuded by Atlas throughout the process, and the impressive, constant airflow generated by the Techni-Flo™ Engineered Ventilation System.

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