Allied Building Products Corp. continues to bring more to the table for their contractor customers by expanding their Contractor Tool Center (CTC) program. The newest location was recently unveiled in Cleveland, Ohio. Following the completion of the 5,240-square-foot Contractor Tool Center showroom, District Manager George Botoulas and the Cleveland team invited their customers in to check out the new merchandise with a Grand Opening celebration. The CTC locations feature an expanded array of products, and many of the tool vendors, including DeWalt, Black Rhino and Milwaukee, were on hand to answer questions and demo their products. Rick Rominger, national manager of the Contractor Tool Center and the entire CTC staff were also in attendance, assisting with the day’s events and answering questions about the new showroom.

“Historically we have offered only the base items in tools, safety, and accessories. With our new Contractor Tool Center format, we have developed an expanded offering designed specifically for our customers and the professional. We’ve added several hundred items with information collected from our research and communications with our customers, creating a very large expanded product offering. It creates a one-stop shop for our customers versus three or four. In a sense it rivals the home center for the contractor,” said Rominger.


More Products, Less Time

Allied has launched Contractor Tool Centers in five cities: Wall Township, N.J.; East Rutherford, N.J.; Long Island City, N.Y.; Hicksville, N.Y.; and Cleveland, Ohio. With their new Cleveland location, the company can continue to better serve its customers. More than 1,200 SKUs are available for immediate purchase. Each four-set section has specific products assigned, and like products are grouped together, continuing the length of the aisle, to create a time-saving shopping experience. “We design the stores to capture every available square foot for products,” Rominger said.

“The new CTC superstore format is proving to be a great success. Our customers have welcomed the format, product lineup, and our pricing is very competitive with other similar stores. The response continues to be very positive as the store is designed and set with the contractor in mind. Saving them money and time. Including Cleveland, we have launched five of these large Contractor Tool Centers — all with very similar positive results. Our plans are to continue the expansion based on the markets and the ability to support.”

Since the grand re-opening of the Contractor Tool Center, business has been steadily increasing. According to Botoulas, the Cleveland location has seen an increase in its walk-up discretionary business, which has included the sale of items not previously purchased at this location. Such items include masonry and lawn care products, power tools, hand tools, and builder’s hardware.

“Our Cleveland branch is in a great location,” note Rominger. “It has great walk-in customer traffic with a large showroom area, making Cleveland a perfect location to outfit the new format. Also, our district manager for this market, George Botoulas, completely embraces the concept of having tools and products readily available for his professional contractors. This leadership ensures that the facility is well managed and a true value for customers.”

Botoulas adds that the Cleveland market is not much different than any other market, but his branch stands out. “Allied operates within, but what makes this location somewhat unique relative to other Allied CTC’s is its sheer size — almost 10,000 square feet. With that footprint available we are able to showcase a wide variety of items for contractors and homeowners alike. Again, this location has everything to offer — from furnace filters to electrical supplies. This dynamic combined with an inside sales staff with first-rate knowledge makes Allied CTC’s enticing for everyone looking for real value from a material distributor.”


Contractor Benefits

Botoulas said the message for contractors is simple: “If you want sales value not seen before, come visit this or any CTC within the Allied system. We offer competitive pricing, a wide breadth of products, and unmatched sales support from our Inside team. This CTC is designed to leverage our national presence with vendors for the betterment of our loyal customer base. In as much, anything related to a building project can be researched and fulfilled from this location — residentially or commercially.”

Botoulas noted that the feedback from contractors has been overwhelming. “Shock, surprise, and heartfelt thanks from any contractor walking through the doors,” he said, describing his customers’ reactions. “Now they no longer have to search elsewhere for products needed on any project.”

This not only simplifies their day, but also saves contractors time and money.

Michael Robinson, vice president of operations at Great Roofing & Restoration, was impressed by the showroom layout and the available products. “It allows you to compare the different products and make an informed decision on what products are best for your project,” he said.

Robinson also shared some insight on how the distributor helps run his business. “By providing the most competitive prices in the market and always going above and beyond to ensure our products are delivered accurately and on time.”

Allied’s CTC’s offer immediate access to an array of products as well as immediate and professional education and training about the products’ use and value in helping the job progress with efficiency and accuracy. “It’s not just ‘tools for sale’ at Allied, but tools, safety equipment, accessories and services with demonstrations — and clean, well stocked shelves,” said Rominger.

 “Now, Allied contractors can truly be more efficient with one-stop access to job materials, tools, safety equipment from a state of the art facility focused on contractor needs.”