Richard Roe headshotATLANTA — Richard Roe is wrapping up a long and active career in the roofing industry. He is retiring from Atlas Roofing Corporation after 15 years of service effective on July 1. Greg Sagorski, who will transfer from the regional manager position in the Midwest, will fill Roe’s current position at Atlas as its Director of Technical Services.

Richard Roe has spent more than 34 years in the roofing industry. He held numerous positions with roofing contractors and manufacturers. He also worked closely on roofing-related standards and research with fellow industry professionals at CSI, ARMA, RCI, SPRI and PIMA, where he served in several leadership positions. Roe is a sought after industry expert, who has been published in a variety of trade magazines and professional journals. He speaks and writes on the roofing industry, construction technology, and sustainability.  

Prior to joining Atlas Roofing, Roe began his career with a roofing contractor that specialized in commercial roofing and maintenance. He started as a laborer and worked his way up to foreman, superintendent, estimator and eventually operations manager.

Following his fieldwork in contracting, Roe began what became a 26-year path in roofing product manufacturing. He worked with a membrane manufacturer where he spent 11 years in warranty service. During this time he also added to his professional credentials, becoming a Registered Roof Consultant in 1994. He’s been an RCI member for almost 20 years. In 1996 he became a Certified Product Representative through CSI.

During the next decade, Roe joined the Atlas Roofing® Corporation, where he began supporting polyiso manufacturing. As Director of Technical Services, Roe worked with every aspect of the Atlas polyiso business. He supported sales teams, installation customers, architects and designers with technical expertise, solution and system development and cost estimating.

In 2004, Roe achieved the LEED AP credential. He received his first graduate degree, an MA in Leadership in 2005. Throughout his career he remained a key resource for Atlas Roofing on all things polyiso, as well as commercial building codes, standards and technologies for the entire building envelope. The company leveraged Roe’s knowledge and experience daily to create stakeholder success. Richard Roe is proud of the many years and hundreds of successful projects they completed together. 

Richard Roe currently holds two positions with the PIMA. He is the chair of PIMA’s Quality Mark Task Group and Co-Chair of PIMA’s Product Standards Task Group. He was a past Chair of PIMA’s Technical Committee and member of the LTTR Task Group. Additionally he was President of the Atlanta Chapter of Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), a past Chair of CSI’s Southwest Regional Technical Committee, a past chair of ASTM C 1289 Task Group, and a former member of SPRI’s Insulation Sub Committee.

Throughout his career Richard Roe practiced and enjoyed communication and the written word. He teaches English part-time in local community colleges, which he plans to continue throughout his retirement. He received awards for his writing for several industry publications. He was recognized with CSI’s national citation award for technical writing. He plans to complete requirements in the near future for an additional graduate degree in English.

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