PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. — MetalForming Inc. has named Bill Wilkins as the company’s new chief operating officer.

Wilkins, who came to MetalForming in 2006 after a 21-year career in the U.S. Navy, brings a deep background in technology and customer service to the new role.

“During Bill’s years with MFI, he has truly transformed our company,” said CEO Geoff Stone. “He has modernized our processes, focused intensely on high-level training of our staff and has developed a high level of professionalism throughout the enterprise.”

Wilkins has held several executive positions with MetalForming. During his tenure, Stone said, Wilkins has forged partnerships with some of the biggest technology players in the world.
“In collaboration with entities such as Microsoft, Level3 Communications and the Georgia Institute of Technology, he has built MFI into a major provider of high end software solutions for the metal component and metal roofing industries,” Stone said.

As CIO, Wilkins was the driver behind MetalForming’s ONLINK initiative, a unified communications initiative undertaken in partnership with Microsoft and Level3 Communications. Among other benefits, it allows purchasers of machines from MFI to use internet voice and video (VOIP) services to get immediate servicing help to optimize machine performance, eliminate downtime and reduce the cost of service calls.

The collaboration with Georgia Tech also has yielded a trove of benefits, including an award-winning videogrammetry application that enables real time digital measurements of nearly any object with 15mm precision. The tool saves on labor costs, reduces errors and increases workplace safety.

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