GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — National Nail Corp. recently unveiled a new look for their Pro-Fit Packaged and Bulk fastener program.

“The new Pro-Fit branding is a direct response to our customers’ desire to reduce inventory levels, and strengthen their fastener aisle with merchandising that pops and labeling that informs and is easy to navigate,” said W. Scott Baker, president and CEO of National Nail. “Fasteners are required for nearly all phases of home-building, and our Pro-Fit brand improves the fastener aisle with a comprehensive mix and a clean, bold look.”

For nearly 50 years, Pro-Fit Fasteners have delivered high product quality, great value, a mix designed to fulfill consumer requirements, and margins and turns that grow fastener aisle sales. With more than 2,000 nail and screw options to choose from, Pro-Fit offers a wide variety of solutions for interior and exterior residential and light commercial construction.

The new rugged boxes provide added strength to withstand the rigors of the jobsite and the color-coded labels provide easy navigation and reference that make finding the right product easy. Master display cartons allow retailers to merchandise nine facings in the master or ten when out, and smaller counts per master (12-1lb or 6-5lb) reduce inventory investment and improve turns.

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