rhatchRoof Hatch Railings

Kee Safety, Inc.

The new KeeHatch roof hatch railing system from Kee Safety, Inc. can be installed by one person in less than 30 minutes. It features fewer parts to assemble than other hatch railings as well as pre-built uprights and drop-in fittings to install the horizontal rails with ease, according to the company. Used for safe egress and ingress through roof hatches, and fall protection when a hatch is open, the lightweight aluminum railings affix to the hatch and do not penetrate the roof itself. Constructed of high-grade Aluminum Silicon Magnesium Alloy for strength and corrosion resistance, the new KeeHatch complies with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.23. For more information, visit www.keesafety.com.




Fall Protection Kit


3M Fall Protection Roofing Kit 20058 is designed to help contractors meet the new OSHA residential roofing directive, providing a fall protection kit for convenient compliance for most roofing applications. Complies with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.66, 1926.502 regulations and meets the requirements of ANSI Z359.1-2007 standards. The bucket includes: 3M Reusable Roof Anchor 4000, 3M SafeLight Universal Harness 10910, 3M SafeLight 6-foot Energy Absorbing Lanyard 209512, 3M 50-foot Rope Lifeline Assembly with Manual Rope Adjuster 0221-50RG and 3M Storage Bucket 5000. For more information, visit www.3m.com/fallprotection.



steepSteep Slope Guardrail

Tie Down Engineering

RoofZone Steep Slope Guardrail can make your next roofing job easier, safer and less expensive. The guardrail may also be used on rake or open roof edge and features adjustable rail brackets for easy and fast attachment of mid and upper rails. It has a unique one piece design featuring a convenient handle for transporting with extra wing nuts and bolts. For more information, visit www.tiedown.com.





hatchrsHatch Railing System


The BIL-Guard Hatch Railing System is a fixed railing system that provides a permanent means of fall protection for hatch openings. Constructed of a durable fiber reinforced polymer material, it mounts directly to the cap flashing of any brand of roof hatch. It utilizes an innovative attachment system that does not penetrate the roofing membrane and the attachment system features a quick-mount bracket for fast, secure attachment, and a pivoting mounting sleeve for added installation flexibility. For more information, call 800-366-6530 or visit www.bilco.com.




bootsRoofing Boots

Cougar Paws

The Cougar Paws patented line of roofing boots with replaceable pads and accessories offer a unique traction grip technology. It’s the tool you wear when you need protection, performance and peace of mind. The boots work on multiple roof surfaces without damaging the surface or burning your feet on hot summer days. For more information, visit www.cougarpaws.com.




Under-Eave Guardrail Systemundereave


The Horizontal Under-eave Guard System (HUGS) is a passive, truss-mounted rooftop fall protection system. The HUGS guardrail system accommodates most wood or metal trusses. The system is easy to install, easy to remove and re-usable. The HUGS guardrail system is attached to roof truss and the rafter rails under the eave of the roof through the use of removable or throw-away brackets. The guardrail system has two-by-fours that are used to fill in as toe board, and two horizontal safety rails. For more information, visit www.hugsafety.com.




tagsScaffolding Tags

Master Lock Company

Master Lock Company’s Guardian Extreme™ Scaffolding Tags keep employees safe and meet OSHA signage compliance. Maximize your crew’s production time with three color-coded tags that indicate different stages of safety and withstand the harshest conditions. They offer superior indoor and outdoor performance, are QUV testing-qualified to the equivalent of 10 years of outdoor exposure and exceed OSHA requirements of 50 pounds pull strength. For more information, visit www.safetyseries.com.




pinkSafety Products Designed for Women

Gateway Safety

Gateway Safety presents a new family of safety products tailored to fit women better. GirlzGear™ is a collection of some of the most trusted brands from Gateway Safety’s award-winning product lines in eye and head protection—with the look, size, and feel that women want.

The eyewear collection includes StarLite SM, StarLite SM Gumballs, and Scorpion SM — established styles that are sized 10 percent smaller to fit the female profile better. All Gateway Safety eyewear meets the ANSI Z87.1 high-impact standard, and Serpent helmets meet the ANSI Z89.1 impact standard. For more information, visit www.gatewaysafety.com.




Garlock Equipment

Turbo-Rail™ guards leading-edge fall hazards on roofs and elevated decks is quick and easy to deploy — simply clamp brackets onto a parapet wall or slab floor, insert vertical posts, and slide cross rails in place. A single compression bolt secures each bracket and no drilling is required. Clamps adjust from 4 inches to 24 inches in width and the rolling cart holds a complete 320-foot system. For more information, call 763-694-2624 or visit www.railguard.net.




warningPerimeter Warning Line Stands

All Seasons Equipment

Folding Perimeter Warning Line Stands are lightweight, portable and compact for storage. The stands come in a set of four with 105 feet of yellow plastic pendants covering 100 linear feet. Each set weights 130 pounds and conforms with OSHA regulation 1926.502. For more information, call 888-308-4763 or visit www.asequip.com.





railSafety Rail System

Advanced Support Products

Advanced Support Products has designed a patented safety rail system utilized as a stand-alone barricade or joined to form a continuous barricade system. The safety rail can be used by parapet walls, skylights, work platform and other areas where required for safety reasons. While this barricade system can be designed to meet your requirements, it is easily modified or easily relocated when necessary. For more information, visit www.aspbase.com.




3d3-D Aerial Measurement Reports


EagleView® Technologies’ 3-D aerial roof measurement reports reduce the amount of time spent on the roof when preparing estimates. The pitch diagram details the pitch of each section of the roof and assists in efficiently planning for necessary safety equipment that may be required to meet OSHA regulations during the installation. Five full-color photographs of the property aid in identifying other potentially hazardous roof areas and allow you to pinpoint sections where further safety precautions should be taken. For more information, call 866-659-8439 or visit www.eagleview.com.



life lineLifeline Fall Protection System

Capital Safety

Capital Safety introduces the DBI-SALA™ Sayfline™ Roof System, a horizontal lifeline fall protection system that enables up to two roofers to work safely and hassle-free, with complete freedom of movement. The Sayfline system is both versatile and economical, adjusting to fit virtually all flat or sloped wood roofs, and eliminating the need for numerous systems. The complete system, including anchors, is reusable, and installs in minutes with no special tools or equipment. For more information, call 800-328-6146 or visit www.capitalsafety.com.




protectionFall Protection Equipment

Werner Co.

The new Werner Fall Protection product portfolio features the WebAlert Inspectable webbing with contrasting colored fibers embedded in the harness and lanyard structure to provide an instant visual indicator of wear. INSPECT™ is a safety label/tag system featured on all harnesses to ensure safety monitoring, maintenance and data recording. Lanyards are available in DeCoil™ energy absorbing, DeCoil™ Stretch with energy absorbing elastic, and SoftCoil™ internal energy absorbing models with various configurations and lanyard hook options. AutoCoil™ self retracting and vertical lifelines, along with a variety of anchor connectors, accessories and compliance kits round out the new Fall Protection line by Werner. For more information, visit www.wernerco.com.



pullPull Testers and Accessories


Com-Ten produces a wide range of portable pull testers and accessories in order to ensure safety out in the field. Pull testers, force testers and torque gauges are required to measure every detail for the anchor devices and the structure to ensure they are sound. Testing equipment will allow contractors to inspect and perform pullout test on anchors, ringbolts, eyebolts and all fixtures to guarantee a safe access to the workplace. For more information, call 727-520-1200 or visit www.com-ten.com.




seatsRoof Hatch Guardrail

Safety Rail Source

Developed by Safety Rail Source and Kee Safety, the KeeHatch® Mightylight guardrail system is made of lightweight aluminum, and it is durable and fast and easy to install. It is designed to fit a variety of hatches. For more information, call 877-723-3766 or visit www.safetyrailsource.com.







Roof Anchor

Anchor Products

The Roof Anchor from Anchor Products does not penetrate the roof and only weighs 8 ounces. It easily attaches to most rack systems for solar panels and testing has shown the Roof Anchor withstanding hurricane force winds. The Roof Anchor is available for PVC and TPO roof systems. For more information, call 888-575-2131 or visit www.anchorp.com.