For millions in America with developmental disabilities, the ability to communicate with others at the appropriate level is elusive. As strides are made toward understanding differences between those without such disabilities and individuals who struggle with them, programs to train and offer creative outlets for them are becoming more intuitive. The Albany chapter of the United States’ largest non-profit serving those with intellectual disabilities offers one of the best learning centers in the nation. For more than 60 years, the facility has offered training, education, vocational training, and support for thousands of individuals.

By late 2009, it had become apparent to the facility’s occupants that its ballasted EPDM roofing system was in need of repair. When Rick Izykowski, project manager for Petersen Architecture of Stillwater, N.Y., became involved, he was pleased at the level of attention to detail the ownerhad paid to the re-roofing project. “They were aware that their original ballasted roof was past its service life, and they knew without a doubt that they wanted a TPO roof to be installed,” he said.

Before beginning to write the specification for the 78,000-square-foot facility, Petersen Architecture PLLC contacted Carlisle SynTec representative Brian Gleason to provide detailed input on Carlisle’s product offerings. “I’ve had a long-term relationship with Carlisle, and I have a deep affinity for their products,” Izykowski said. “I knew I could expect a level of support from them that other manufacturers couldn’t offer.” The two began developing a specification that met the needs of the facility.

The 1/4-inch-per-foot sloped roof required a base layer of 4-inch, 25-psi polyisocyanurate insulation, which was mechanically fastened with six-inch fasteners to the metal deck. The membrane, a robust 115-mil FleeceBACK system, would be adhered to the insulation using Carlisle’s low-VOC FAST™ Adhesive. Unlike many bonding adhesives that contain high levels of VOCs, Carlisle’s low-VOC FAST Adhesive is environmentally friendly and odor-free.

“The low odor was an issue of primary concern to the facility owner, and was a primary selling point of the Carlisle system,” Izykowski said.

Roofing contractor Monahan & Loughlin Inc. of Hudson Falls, New York, won the bid for the job, which was not without its challenges. “One of the greatest complexities of the project was that we wound up having to complete it in a phase-type operation,” said Izykowski. When the job was completed in mid-December, the building was outfitted in a robust TPO membrane. The 115-mil FleeceBACK TPO will ensure puncture resistance and durability, while Carlisle’s tapered polyiso insulation offers the highest level of comfort to occupants. Carlisle’s Certified Fabricated Accessories (CFAs) were used on many details, from curb flashings to pipe boots, allowing labor savings to be passed on to the facility owner and maintaining a uniform standard of quality on the roof. All components are covered under Carlisle’s 20-year Total System Warranty.

“We were pleased that the system qualified for Carlisle’s 20-year warranty,” said Izykowski. “They ended up with a high-quality system that we expect will be performing well into the future.”

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