DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. launches its most recent technology to the roofing industry, CURE Technology®. This innovative, patent-pendingcure technology features infused ceramic microspheres, UV stabilizers and proprietary resins resulting in a longer-lasting, environmentally-friendly, higher quality modified bitumen membrane.

Polyglass’ Research and Development team developed CURE Technology to make modified bitumen membranes more durable with increased longevity which features energy savings and enhanced aesthetics without compromising ease of installation and performance. One of the many features of CURE Technology includes enhancing and maintaining high membrane surface reflectivity which meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® and California Title 24 and other reflective standards.

Another important attribute of CURE Technology is its Thin Film Technology. This technology uses minimal finishing yet achieves many benefits including maintaining the granule appearance, increased durability and improved reflectivity. Thin Film Technology is unique to the roofing industry. CURE Technology also features superior granule adhesion. The proprietary film used enhances the bond of the granules like no other granule cap sheet. The result minimizes granular loss of granules as manufactured and when exposed to foot traffic, as well as other elements.

Over time, there can be bleed through and staining on modified bituminous roofs. With CURE

Technology, there is minimal to no stainingon the surface of the cap sheet. Membranes manufactured with CURE Technology will significantly reduce, and even eliminate, discoloration caused by asphaltic bleed through or surface staining and will maintain its color integrity and reflectivity over time.

“This technological breakthrough will change the roofing industry,” said Polyglass USA CEO Natalino Zanchetta. “CURE Technology will significantly improve the performance of modified bitumen membranes. As Polyglass did with ADESO Technology, we saw a need to make a good product even better.”

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