APV Engineered Coatings APV eCoolRoof® with Kynar Aquatec®, APV Engineered Coatings cool roof coating product, is comprised of a Kynar Aquatec resin-basedcool topcoat and an elastomeric acrylic basecoat, which meets the high energy savings demands of property owners through its high, sustaining reflectivity values. Along with high reflectivity, the eco-friendly APV eCoolRoof has a low VOC content and resists ultraviolet (UV) degradation, chalking, water pickup, dirt pickup, staining, chemicals and corrosion, algae and fungal growth along with abrasion. For more information, visit www.kynaraquatecsolution.com, www.apvcoatings.com, www.ecoolroof.com, or stop by booth 331.