GLENVIEW, Ill. - The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) Technical and Research Committee recently issued an advisory bulletin detailing the green advantages of using water-based adhesives as well as the limitations associated with these types of products. The purpose of the bulletin is to inform roofing contractors of the product restrictions which can seriously impact roof performance.

 According to the report, water-based adhesives are environmentally friendly and attractive for use in the green build scenario; the advantages include:

- Good versatility with single ply membranes, both fleece backed and smooth

- Both spray and roller application methods can be used

- One-sided application with fleece backed membranes; some smooth membranes allow for single side coverage

- Coverage rates per gallon exceed solvent based products

- Low odor allows for working over occupied spaces

- Environmentally friendly and meets current U.S. regulations for volatile organic compound (VOC) content including the state of California

What’s important to note, according to the association, is with each water-based adhesive product used in the roofing industry, limitations exist and roofers need to be aware of these thresholds. The primary restrictive categories include handling, rooftop use and rewetting behavior. The report details each category and provides information on the recommended course of action for roofers.

 According to MRCA President Jim Ramser, Highland Roofing Company, Louisville, Ky., this report fulfills the association’s commitment to educating its members and the industry at large. “The MRCA Technical and Research Committee are among the most active of our committees,” said Ramser. “We take great pride in researching and sharing important data that impacts roofing contractors. We are committed to serving as an effective industry resource and the MRCA Advisories help achieve this goal.”

The full report which provides critical information regarding the limitations associated with water-based adhesives is available here

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