Rechargeable LED Light Stick bodyThe Magnalight WL-LED-12-M rechargeable trouble light offers high light output combined with an integrated magnetic mounting system to produce a weatherproof, portable industrial grade LED task light. Designed for use anywhere, the WL-LED-12-M LED light stick combines the convenience of rechargeable portability with the versatility of magnetic mounting. Containing 60 LEDs powered by an integral Ni/Hm battery, this LED light stick produces enough light to cover an area approximately 25-feet long by 20-feet wide, and will run for more than four hours on a single charge. This LED light has two built-in 20 pound grip magnets that allow the unit to be attached to any ferrous metallic surface. Included with this unit is an AC/DC charging unit for recharging from common 120 VAC outlets and a cigarette plug adapter for charging from vehicles and equipment. For more information, visit