Interactive Photo EditorBOTHELL, Wash. - EagleView Technologies has added an interactive photo editor tool to its mobile applications. The first of its kind in the aerial measurement industry, the photo editor allows users to capture images of a property and mark areas of the photo with damage or weather icons, insert captions or finger draw to highlight a specific area of a photo. Up to six annotated images can be uploaded and sequenced by the user to become part of the aerial measurement report that is prepared for the property. 

“The ability for a contractor or insurance adjuster to take photos on site and immediately indicate areas of damage or concern is an exciting use of technology that will help them do their jobs more efficiently,“ said Heidi Ellsworth, vice president of sales and marketing for EagleView Technologies. “Photos have been taken in the field for years, but the addition of notes had to wait until the contractor or adjuster returned to the office. Now they can take the photos from their smart phone and add notes immediately.” 

The photo editor is available now on EagleView’s Mobile App for Android and is anticipated to be released by Oct. 24 for the iPhone. Download the apps for free in the Android marketplace and iTunes store.      

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