This month's issue focuses on cover boards.

SECUROCK Glass-Mat Roof Boards


The USG portfolio of high-performance roof boards provides choice in the roof board category. SECUROCK Glass-Mat roof board meets stringent performance requirements and its high quality mat makes it easier to handle and cut. SECUROCK Gypsum-Fiber roof board delivers advanced fiber-reinforced technology for exceptional strength, superior wind-uplift performance and low surface absorption. For more information,

ISOGARD HD Cover Board

Firestone Building Products

Firestone ISOGARD HD is a high-density polyiso cover board that combines impact resistance, energy savings and ease of installation in a single durable product. Lightweight and easy to cut, the product offers reduced labor and material costs. ISOGARD HD has the highest thermal performance of any 1/2-inch insulation cover board on the market with an R-value of 2.5 and meets FM Global 1-90 standards. For more information,

Noncombustible Gypsum Core Board

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

ToughRock Gypsum Board has a noncombustible (per ASTM E 136), dimensionally stable, gypsum core. The surfacings on both facings and on the long edges are 100 percent recycled paper. The front facing (side to be finished) and the long edges are an ivory color; the back facing paper is gray. The ends are square cut, smooth finished with no paper facing. The board is a wall or ceiling covering material for use in new building construction or renovation work. It is designed for direct attachment (screws, nails or adhesive) to wood and metal framing or existing surfaces. It may also be used as a covering material for flat or curved structures. The facing material may be formed to a curve with a short radius. The board is manufactured with a ivory paper facing designed to receive joint treatment, paint, wall covering, textured coatings or other finish treatment. For more information, call 800-225-6119 or

Alternative to Traditional Roof Boards


Designed for mechanically attached roofing systems, GlasRoc Roof Board is a high performance alternative to traditional roof boards, offering enhanced moisture, mold, fire, and foot traffic resistance. The board features patented EGRG technology, with reinforcing glass mats fully embedded into a water-resistant gypsum core, giving it superior durability, preventing de-lamination, and offering ease of handling with less skin irritation. For more information,

HD ISO Cover Board


GenFlex 1/2-inch HD ISO is a high-density, closed cell polyiso foam core cover board. With an R-value of 2.5, GenFlex 1/2-inch HD ISO features exceptional thermal performance and hail resistance. Available in 4-foot by 4-foot and 4-foot by 8-foot boards, this high compressive strength cover board is lightweight and easier to cut and handle than other traditional cover boards. GenFlex 1/2-inch HD ISO is compatible with all GenFlex EPDM and TPO fully adhered and mechanically attached systems. For more information,

Invinsa and RetroPlus Roof Boards

Johns Manville

Nothing performs on the job like roof boards from JM. Invinsa Roof Board is one-third the weight and has better water absorption compared to gypsum. Plus, it’s easy to cut and needs no priming, helping to make installation faster and less costly. RetroPlus Roof Board now meets FM 1A-180 with its excellent laminar tensile strength. This performer also has higher compressive strength and less water absorption than wood fiber board, reducing the chance of installation headaches such as jobsite waste or blistering. For more information, call 800-922-5922 or