GAF Materials Corporation has announced groundbreaking changes to its laminated shingle warranties.

WAYNE, N.J. – GAF Materials Corporation has announced groundbreaking changes to its laminated shingle warranties.

Effective Jan.1, 2011, all GAF laminated shingle, including all Timberline shingles, will be covered by a lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on single family residences. GAF will no longer offer any laminated shingles with just a 30-year or 40-year warranty, a first for any roofing manufacturer.  

This revolutionary change has been made possible by GAF’s Advanced Protection technology, which was first introduced in 2007. This innovative shingle technology has resulted in shingles that offer improved performance, including superior durability and wind resistance. GAF is so confident in the performance of its Advanced Protection shingles that it has decided to make this unprecedented improvement in its warranties.

“As a company, we are committed to advanced quality, industry-leading expertise, and solutions that make our customers’ lives simple - which is what this warranty upgrade is all about,” stated Bob Tafaro, President and CEO of GAF. “Contractors will benefit from knowing that they can stand with confidence behind every installation of GAF laminated shingles. Homeowners will benefit from knowing that their installed shingles are warranted for a lifetime, adding significant value to their home.”

GAF has also upgraded the coverage of its Golden Pledge and System Plus limited warranties, which are offered exclusively by its GAF-certified contractors.

“We are especially excited to announce this warranty upgrade, given that 2011 is GAF’s 125th anniversary as a company. At a time when Americans are facing so much uncertainty about the future, you can be sure that GAF will be there decades from now to stand by the performance of our roofing products. This warranty upgrade will reinforce both our leadership position in the industry and our promise of excellence to our customers,” said Tafaro.

Complete details about these changes, including certificates confirming coverage and explaining the new terms which contractors can use with homeowners, can be found at