Total Business Management Software for Roofing Contractors; Building Your Business From the Ground Up; Cooler Heads Prevail to Secure Data Fortress Roof in Orlando and more.

Total Business Management Software for Roofing Contractors

Have you ever wondered why no one has created a total business management software system for roofing contractors? Wonder no more. has arrived to solve the problem.

AccuLynx was created with roofers in mind; it was built to help roofers run their business better. The innovative, state-of-the-art system is a 100 percent Web-Based “Software as a Service” construction management tool designed to help roofers manage their entire business.

By using AccuLynx, you can easily organize leads; diagram roofs; create estimates in minutes, not hours; track the production of jobs; and report anything and everything that is important to their business operation.

AccuLynx allows roofers to obtain “True Accounts Receivable” after the last nail is hammered, not when you create the customer in your books. The program also gives you the ability to print purchase orders and crew work orders based off your previously created estimates.

With AccuLynx, you know the margin on all of your proposals before you even contract the job.

AccuLynx officially launched May 1, 2009. For all details and a free demo, go to

“AccuLynx creates profit forecasts off of your estimate prior to signing contracts with a client,” says Richard Spanton Jr., CEO of AccuLynx. “The program will also tell you where your best marketing dollars are spent by tabulating cost of marketing vs. amount of leads and customers created.”

Whether you are a residential or commercial roofing contractor, this product will help you get organized, write more proposals, be more profitable and manage your production more efficiently and accurate.

AccuLynx is the complete solution for all your business management responsibilities. Try it free for 30 days

Building Your Business From the Ground Up

At Bradco, we deliver more than building materials. We deliver potential, the potential to make any project more profitable. We’ll help you manage more professionally, plan more efficiently, compete more effectively and build a better business … from the ground up!

Every Bradco region stocks a full line of commercial and residential building supplies matched specifically to your local market. And despite being ranked as one of the largest distributors in the nation, we still think like a family business, connecting with the community, passing along opportunities and helping wherever we can. With over 130 locations, you can count on Bradco for quality products at every price point. And we deliver! Any time, any place, on the ground or ten stories up, we deliver on time, on your schedule.

• Roofing - Need modified bitumen or asphalt roof shingles? Metal roofing or wood shakes? Bradco has them. And while our foundation is firmly anchored in the roofing industry, we’re more than that. Our warehouses are stocked with a wide array of quality building materials, including:

• Siding - From basic vinyl to high-end specialty products, Bradco stocks one of the largest selections of siding in the industry.

• Windows & Doors - Need traditional styling? Looking for contemporary designs? We’ve got windows and doors in virtually every size and every decorative option. And when it comes to energy upgrades and products specific to coastal conditions, look no further than your closest Bradco.

• Residential Building Products - Save time, save effort, save money - make Bradco your one-stop source for everything from insulation to skylights, trim boards to columns, shutters, decking, railings and more.

• Tools & Equipment - Bradco is committed to being your best choice for tools and equipment. Our branches are stocked with everything from hand tools and accessories to the professional’s top choices for power tools.

But products are just one facet of our story. Bradco strives to get you what you need where and when you need it. We offer some of the finest products in the industry and complement them with valuable services that will help you grow your business, including:

• Contractor Training Programs - Each year, Bradco recruits some of the top experts in the industry to lead our business improvement training sessions geared to helping you grow sales, increase margins and operate more efficiently.

• Tapered Roofing Services - Our Tapered Division is a leader in all aspects of Tapered Insulation Systems. Bradco’s experts can custom design and furnish a detailed quote quickly and accurately.

• Kitchen Design Centers - Our trained kitchen professionals lay out kitchen designs to your specifications and provide plans that are complete with field measurements and graphics, all at no charge. Our Kitchen Showrooms carry quality cabinetry and a whole range of countertop surfaces from basic laminate to granite and quartz.

We also provide metal takeoffs, financing programs and Web power tools. At Bradco, we work hard to give you the reach and muscle you need to capitalize on every opportunity. Building your business. From the ground up.

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Cooler Heads Prevail to Secure Data Fortress Roof in Orlando

DataSite in Orlando, Fla., is a world-class data center built to meet the demanding power and cooling needs of the modern computing environment. This Tier III data center provides a secure environment and has a record of 100 percent uptime over a 10-year period.

DataSite features:

• Two high-voltage substations on diverse grids.

• Jet turbine generators.

• 24/7/365 on-site security.

• Extensive video surveillance systems.

• Water-cooled equipment support.

DataSite’s assets are valued at over $100 million, something Facility Manager Ken Sanders was keenly aware of when deciding to recover its existing built-up roof system. Sanders turned to a local architect to specify a new, high-performance roof, but what he got was a pedestrian specification for mechanically fastened, 60-mil TPO over 1/2-inch cover board.

Resilient Roofing of Longwood, Fla., secured the bid to re-roof the building. Darrin Lavine, owner of Resilient, was immediately concerned about the specification, which did not require adding insulation to the R-11 roof. “Given this building’s cooling demand, I knew it was under-insulated,” commented Lavine. “Installing the roof to that specification would have cost the owner too much money in energy loss.” Lavine applauded the architect’s selection of white TPO for its reflectivity, but went on to note that insulation is vital for creating a truly energy-efficient building.

Lavine wanted his customer to understand the impact this roof replacement could have on DataSite’s long-term energy costs, so he contacted Brad Powers of Roofing Products Inc., the local Carlisle SynTec manufacturer’s representative, to run calculations on Roof$ense, Carlisle’s lifecycle and energy analysis calculator.

The plan was to present three options, consisting of 1, 11/2 and 2 inches of polyiso insulation in place of the specified cover board. The price difference between 1-inch iso and 1/2-inch cover board was negligible, and the added benefit was that a 20-year warranty would be available with a polyiso substitution.

Sanders accepted the meeting with Powers and, thanks to the Roof$ense report, quickly realized the benefits of a quality-designed roof system. He opted for 11/2 inches of insulation, yielding an estimated savings of $201,568.57 in energy costs and a carbon reduction of 108,791.62 tons over 20 years. These reductions were nearly 40 percent less than the originally specified roof system.

But Powers didn’t stop there. He knew the local power provider offered rebates for reflective membranes and insulation, and showed Sanders how to realize a 10 cents per square foot rebate on the TPO membrane and a 7 cents per square foot rebate on the insulation. The latter would not have been applicable with a cover board.

Armed with empirical data, Sanders contacted Resilient Roofing and awarded them the project with the following two conditions: (1) The cover board was to be replaced with 1½-inch polyiso, and (2) the roof system must be Carlisle.

“Working together, we were able to bring real value to DataSite,” commented Lavine. “We installed a top-quality roof, with high-performance materials, but showing DataSite the way to 20-plus years worth of energy-savings is the real victory, both for our customer and our environment.”

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DECRA Villa Tile Tops NextGen Home

With “First to the Future” as the theme, the 2009 NextGen home features the newest product offering from DECRA - Villa Tile in Amalfi Sand. The focus is on strong, green and energy efficient design.

An alternative to traditional clay or concrete tile, Villa Tile is made of corrosion resistant, aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish that creates an attractive exterior. A unique product, DECRA Villa Tile offers the classic beauty and architectural detail of an old world Italian tile combined with the superior performance and inherent benefits of steel.

The design of the Villa Tile reduces heated air entering the attic space. The barrels are 31/4 inches high, providing an offset from the roof deck. This offset contributes to the continuous airflow across the deck and helps to pull the heated air away from the attic. Less heated air in the attic equates to less stress on the cooling system and lower energy consumption.

In addition to being energy efficient, each panel is made from steel, which is durable and has upwards of 25 percent post-consumer recycled steel content. Easy to use with rain-catch and solar panel systems, Villa Tile has a long life cycle and a low lifetime maintenance factor.

Stone coated steel offers protection during other types of natural disasters. A metal roof weighs half as much as a typical composition shingle roof, and less than a quarter of a lightweight concrete tile. During an earthquake, a roof that is lightweight produces less sway from side to side; reduced sway means a reduction in the forces that cause the greatest overall destruction. By contrast, a heavier roof can cause the walls to collapse as it begins to shake.

People ask about the performance of metal during a lightning storm. Metal roofing is both an electrical conductor and a noncombustible material. According to the Metal Construction Association, the associated risks are outweighed by its performance during a lightning event, making it the most desirable construction material available.

DECRA Roofing Systems have been providing ageless beauty, superior performance and lasting durability for 50 years, and are backed by a 50-year limited warranty and a 120 mph wind warranty. With a Class “A” fire rating and a Class 4 impact resistance rating, DECRA products maintain the highest UL ratings in the industry.

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Custom Fabrication: The Duro-Last Difference

Since 1978, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. has been the industry leader in manufacturing custom fabricated single-ply roofing systems. We design each roof to fit building specifications exactly, and manufacture it under controlled factory conditions.

Custom prefabrication begins with an authorized Duro-Last roofing contractor precisely measuring the rooftop surface, projections and perimeters. Duro-Last’s design resources can help determine the best plan for roofing the building. Once the contractor places the order, the roof is manufactured by Duro-Last in sections up to 2,500 square feet at one of our four factory locations. The entire roofing system, including all components and accessories, is then delivered to the jobsite for installation.

Duro-Last’s custom fabrication offers several advantages:

• Studies of roof failures show that most problems occur because of installation errors, particularly at changes in plane, such as projections, curbs, drains, perimeters and abutting walls. Duro-Last’s prefabrication eliminates up to 85 percent of rooftop membrane seaming and also mitigates many factors that cause seam problems, such as variables in climate, jobsite working conditions, traffic, contamination and labor.

• Prefabrication gives contractors and project managers greater control over scheduling. Larger membrane panels require less labor to install than roll goods, and the reduced seaming requirements make the Duro-Last system more suitable for installation on challenging projects.

• Prefabricated systems are easier to install throughout the year, even during adverse weather conditions. Installation time is reduced so the contractor can get on and off the job quickly. The relatively small amount of field seaming is completed with hot-air welding methods, which are virtually unaffected by cold or damp weather conditions. Prefabrication can also accommodate building owners who feel rushed to get a roof installed before winter.

• Prefabrication drastically reduces waste, both during the manufacturing process and installation. The contractor orders the exact amount necessary for roof coverage, rather than a collection of raw materials.

• Prefabrication also appeals to engineers and architects who would like to address a particular structural or aesthetic design problem. For example, fastening tab spacing for mechanically attached systems can match deck configurations for irregularly shaped areas, concrete “tees,” and specific wind designs. Aesthetically, panel sizes, shapes and colors can be designed and prefabricated to achieve desired visual results.

• Finally, prefabrication lends a certainty to the roof application that does not exist otherwise. It allows the roofing contractor to take control of a construction operation in a highly unstable environment. Contractors must plan their work carefully, and are rewarded with greater worker productivity, a higher-quality installation, and more satisfied customers.

In addition to being custom prefabricated, the Duro-Last roofing system is durable, energy-efficient, installed with no disruptions to building operations, code compliant, and backed by the industry’s best warranties.

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Safety Is of the HIGHest Priority

Every roofer and insurance adjustor can tell you their personal story of accidents, near accidents and scares on steep roofs involving ladder mishaps and risky roof measurements. There are stories of falls and mishaps that range from tragic to the miraculous. Like battle scars, we endure broken arms, broken legs and even a few broken backs. “It just comes with the territory,” right? Now, with the emergence of new technologies, we can take safety to a higher level and greatly reduce the risk of personal injuries. The solution? Aerial measurements of roofs.

Dramatic improvements in measuring software utilizing aerial imaging provide safe and accurate reports that can reduce or eliminate the need to climb on the roof for measuring. The result is transforming the everyday experience in the life of roofing contractors and insurance adjusters alike. EagleView Technologies in Woodinville, Wash., is changing roofers’ view from above with their state-of-the-art measuring technology from the sky. Traditional roof measuring can be time consuming and labor intensive, not to mention it can be very dangerous. Roofing contractors who currently use aerial roof measurements find it safer, more accurate and a significant time saver. “In terms of safety, accuracy and efficiency, this development is one of the best things I’ve seen come along in this industry,” says Kevin Curry, a veteran roofing contractor based in California.

Safety is always a key factor. “The moment a roofing contractor or salesperson steps on a roof, it’s not only a major safety concern, but the company’s workers’ comp rate goes into a different class,” says EagleView CEO Chris Barrow. “Bad weather can also affect the ability of the roofing contractor to make measurements. Every roofing contractor has performed risky and dangerous measurements on slippery, steep roofs at one time or another in bad weather. Each has questioned his own good judgment in some of those situations. At times, the risks can outweigh the reward. With our technology, we remotely measure roofs in the worst weather conditions imaginable.”

How does this new technology work? Aerial roof measurements are calculated by uploading a site address into the EagleView Web site. High-resolution images are then verified and reviewed for location accuracy using latitude and longitude coordinates. With state-of-the-art software and aerial imagery they calculate each roof surface. The EagleView system provides photos and technical drawings with lengths, ridges, valleys, rakes, eaves and total length measurements. Pitch measurements, a unique feature of the EagleView service, are then added for all slopes using detailed software. This information is then downloaded into a personalized proposal for the roofing contractor to present to their client.

Each report is then reviewed and verified by five different sets of eyes to ensure the report’s accuracy. “Our system is so accurate, we’ll guarantee it,” Barrow says. “If your reports are off by more than 4 percent, your report is free.” With this new technology in hand, the days of balancing multiple ladders in the wind, rain or hot summer sun can be part of the past. And ultimately, the days of accidents are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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Hy-Tech Products: Industry Leaders in Service and Innovation

Cleveland-based Hy-Tech Products, widely recognized as the Midwest’s premier supplier of commercial roofing equipment, is staying on top of the industry by expanding its excellent customer service into the online world, through the redevelopment of its two Web sites

“Customer service has always been the anchor of our business and the key to our success,” said Kenneth Paine, president of Hy-Tech Products. “As more of our customers look to the Web to find the information and products they need, we are continuously evolving our Web sites to make sure that they are easy to use, and really help customers through their buying process.” -

Equipment, Supplies and Expert Service

On June 1, Hy-Tech Products made it easier to find and request pricing for quality roofing equipment from today’s top manufacturers with the launch of its brand new Web site

Visitors can browse through Hy-Tech’s full inventory of roofing equipment by exploring nine product categories, searching by manufacturer name or simply typing the product name into the site’s search bar.

Requesting a quote is made simpler with the addition of a new shopping cart feature, which enables visitors to create a list of products for which they’d like pricing. After they are done browsing, visitors can click the Request a Quote button, which immediately alerts Hy-Tech, who then responds with pricing within 24 hours.

Visitors to the new Hy-Tech Roof site will also notice a new Used Equipment section that displays its full inventory of refurbished equipment for sale. Hy-Tech’s team of technicians continuously restore used roofing equipment, which is then resold at a fraction of the cost of a brand new model. The result - customers receive quality, reliable roofing equipment at a significant savings. -

Replacement Parts and Spec Drains

Additionally, Hy-Tech recently redesigned its Roof Drain site Launched in 2004, this Web site revolutionized the roofing industry by helping contractors find spec drains from all the major brands, including Smith, Wade, Zurn and Josam, as well as any type of replacement part using the site’s Drain Wizard. The Drain Wizard makes it simple, quick and convenient to find every dome, ring and accessory - no matter how old or unique.

About Hy-Tech Products

Hy-Tech serves all commercial roofing needs throughout the Midwest by distributing equipment from some of the top brands in the industry, such as Leister, Garlock and FallTech.

Hy-Tech Products understands that business revolves around meeting deadlines and staying on schedule, and there is no time for broken down equipment or late deliveries. For this reason, Hy-Tech will always be there to provide customers with the best service possible, to always meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

MBCI Panels Used on Idaho Project

The Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is a nonprofit Christian ministry that serves missionaries, ministries, and indigenous people around the world. Each year MAF conducts thousands of emergency medical evacuations through its air ambulance service. The ministry relocated to Nampa, Idaho, after 60 years in Redlands, Calif., due to the high operating costs in that state.

The relocation had been the single largest project in the history of the organization. They are expanding training and support facilities and room to grow as they prepare new missionaries and support the families they serve worldwide.

One of the buildings recently built was a 35,500-square-foot administration building featuring offices for 100 staff members, conference and training facilities, a large printing and mail room, and a spacious chapel area used for weekly worship services. Visitors are invited to peruse the museum, which tells the MAF story and displays numerous artifacts, including the remains of a plane flown by martyred missionaries in the 1950s.

This building used over 40,000 square feet of the MBCI LokSeam standing seam roof system, a snap-together system. LokSeam is available in 18-inch, 16-inch and 12-inch widths. It has a 13/4-inch high by 3/8-inch wide vertical leg, which offers pleasing shadow lines along the roof. The panel was painted in the MBCI Signature 300 Series (PVDF) in Everglade.

The designer for the administration building was Rudeen & Associates, Boise, Idaho. General Contractor was Petra Construction of Boise, and the metal roofing installer was Western Roofing of Nampa.

A 23,500-square-foot hangar was built which houses a space for MAF’s training aircraft; an expansive bay for performing maintenance and upgrading planes for use overseas; and a large shipping and receiving area. The hangar’s second floor provides office and training spaces. Daily training flights prepare MAF pilots for the challenging conditions found in remote areas where the ministry serves.

The hangar used nearly 16,000 square feet of the MBCI PBR panel. Material was 26-gauge Galvalume and coated in the Signature 200 Series (siliconized polyester) paint system in Light Stone. PBR is a 36-inch wide fastener panel. It features 3/4-inch high ribs every 6 inches.

Excel Ventures, Caldwell, Idaho, was the general contractor on the hangar building. Speck building Inc. was the frame fabricator.

The MAF was founded in 1945 and is an interdenominational Christian ministry serving isolated and unreached people worldwide.

MBCI, founded in 1976, is the industry-leading manufacturer of metal roofs, walls, fascias and soffits. It offers a full line of architectural, SSR, commercial and industrial panels for nearly any use in a variety of gauges and widths. It offers six complete standing seam roof systems in snap-together and mechanically field-seamed options including a curved panel system. MBCI, with headquarters in Houston, has 15 manufacturing facilities around the country. Its project service department includes engineering, drafting and estimating and can assist on any size project. For more information,

Contractor Grows Business With the Equipter ‘Roofer's Buggy'

Max Curtis, owner of Residential Roofing based in Blytheville, Ark., a Certified Contractor and a Shingle Master Company for CertainTeed Corp., set out four years ago to distinguish his business from the competition. In business for over 20 years, and in the industry for over 40 years, he began offering homeowners something no other contractor in the state was offering at the time - “A New Roof with No Mess” - by utilizing the Equipter “Roofer’s Buggy.”

Business Skyrockets

Impressed by its innovation and the prospect of offering clients a clean work site with no damage to landscaping, Curtis purchased the patented Equipter in November 2005. Since using the new equipment, Curtis said his business has doubled in size. He said some clients were so impressed by the concept of “A New Roof with No Mess” they hired Curtis before ever asking for a quote.

Once such case occurred when a potential client said it was important to her that Curtis and his crew protected her flowerbeds. He gave her the brochure about the “A New Roof with No Mess” concept and, after reading it, she hired him on the spot.

“She expected that I would do a good roof installation job because I am a professional roofer, but it was the protection of her flowers that was important to her,” Curtis said.

Less Labor, Higher Employee Retention

Curtis now saves about $1,000 a week because crews can position the Equipter’s container over shrubbery and flowers, thus eliminating the need to build chutes or to take the time to place plywood or tarps out to protect the landscaping.

He also enjoys lower employee turnover because he has to hire fewer laborers and can afford to pay good roofers more. The Equipter also reduces the backbreaking cleanup, thus making the work less taxing on the body.

Customer Support Goes to New Heights

Added benefits to purchasing the Equipter include the materials and teaching tools the manufacturer, New Heights LLC, provides to roofing contractors to sell the concept of “A New Roof with No Mess.” The materials are customizable to each individual business and help the roofers sell their services to potential clients. The materials include brochures, sales sheets and a DVD. New Heights also provides “A New Roof with No Mess” yard signs for the contractors to post in the front yards of homes they are working on.

Singing Its Praises

Since purchasing the Equipter, Curtis has been a walking advertisement for the equipment. “I tell other roofers that it doesn’t cost as much to have one as it costs not to have one,” Curtis said. “With the number of jobs I was able to land because of it, I was able to pay for it in one year including purchasing a diesel truck and a trailer.”

Find out more about how the Equipter has helped Max Curtis, call him at 870-763-0936.

Duration Series Shingles With SureNail Technology

Increasing Productivity, Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Since their introduction in 2007, Duration Series shingles with SureNail Technology have been making an impact on many roofing contractors’ business. They’ve put their confidence in Duration Series shingles and have been reporting higher productivity and sales because of the unique, industry-leading features that Duration Series shingles with SureNail Technology boast.

Install Faster

Because of the 1.5-inch, clearly marked nailing strip, Duration Series shingles with SureNail Technology cut down on installation time. “My crew can spot the nailing line immediately. They now install shingles faster with conviction,” says Jeremy from Atlanta’s Best Roofing and Restoration in Alpharetta, Ga. “There’s no question in nail placement. I estimate a 10 percent to 15 percent time savings on installation.” This could be equal to $4.50 to $7.00 incremental profit per square.*

Jim from George’s Roofing in Elyria, Ohio, explains, “Owens Corning listened to the contractor to make a shingle that was really installer-friendly. Now we are giving the customer better shingles. I went from mostly three-tab to dimensional shingles because of Duration Series. Now it’s more affordable to have a dimensional shingle because labor has not increased. Five years ago dimensional shingles were much harder to work with. But that is not the case with Duration.”

Close More Jobs

Duration Series shingles with SureNail Technology combine beauty and performance - a winning combination with homeowners. Steve from Roof One in Pontiac, Mich., states, “Our success rate for closing jobs has doubled because of the confidence that Duration Series shingles offer. Also, this product has allowed us to increase our gross margin in a tough economic climate.”

To put this into perspective, if you had a 33 percent closing rate and an average of 600 bids per year, a 10 percent to 15 percent increase in closing rate would mean either 20-30 fewer calls per year, or 20–30 more jobs per year This could be worth $5 to $7 incremental profit per square.*

Lays Down - Stays Down

Strategic placement of the unique SureNail nailing strip helps eliminate the packaging hump and gives a flatter installed look, especially in cold weather. Extra-wide adhesive bands help keep the layers of the shingle laminated, especially in difficult weather conditions. Jim maintains, “I would have never imagined that a shingle introduced in 2007 would have become my number one selling shingle the same year. Duration is now 95 percent of my business. It lays down flat, right from the start.”

Better Shingle Performance

According to Bill from Absolute Contractors in Angier, N.C., “Homeowners love the reassurance of the higher wind warranty even though we are not in what is considered a high-wind area. It’s a great selling tool.” This confidence comes from the sealant that grips tightly to the shingle below, resulting in greater bonding strength and a Category 3 hurricane wind resistance of 130 mph** - in the range for an F2 tornado. For more information,

*Model based on an average labor cost of $47 per square (excludes tear-off). Individual results may vary.

** Applies only to Duration Premium shingles. See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements.

Cutting-Edge Solutions From POLYGLASS Increase Roof Longevity and Boost Your Bottom Line

POLYGLASS has a significant presence in the roofing industry in the American and European markets. Since entering the marketplace by manufacturing modified bitumen membranes in the 1960s, POLYGLASS has now diversified into several production sectors.

In 1991 POLYGLASS introduced its wide range of products to the U.S. market by opening a new manufacturing facility in Fernley, Nev. Through expansion, additional plants were built in Hazleton, Pa., and Winter Haven, Fla. These facilities utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality roofing membranes and underlayments utilizing revolutionary, patented, ADESO Self-Adhesive technology that is unique in the U.S. market.

In 2007 POLYGLASS assembled a team of coatings industry experts with a combined total of over 150 years of experience in the coatings market. This paved the way for expansion into the coatings market in 2008, launching a high-quality line of coatings made with only the best raw materials available, along with superior packaging and labeling. POLYGLASS is committed to “adding value” by producing cutting edge products which meet or exceed the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide a professional experience, focusing on quality products and efficient service, while also maintaining a safe work environment for our employees. POLYGLASS is committed to being a “Best Run Business” in all that it does.

Innovation and Technology

POLYGLASS prides itself on being an innovative leader in the roofing industry. Most recently, POLYGLASS has launched ADESO Technology onto the marketplace, a revolutionary concept of manufacturing dual compound self-adhesive membranes using a “true” APP, SBS and TPO formulation on the top weathering side and an aggressive self-adhesive formulation on the underside of the reinforcement. By introducing product developments such as ADESO Technology, POLYGLASS provides the roofing contractor, architect and building owner solutions that can affect the bottom line and elongate roofing longevity.

POLYGLASS focuses on using quality materials to produce cutting edge products and systems that address varied roofing challenges. As a world-class organization with decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality roofing products, POLYGLASS appreciates the opportunity to serve you.

Product Bundling

Choose POLYGLASS and you truly get the complete package. Distributors are able to obtain a range of products from one source, enabling them to meet their individual customers’ needs, reducing freight costs and increasing the variety of their product offerings.

Contractors can count on distribution centers to have an assortment of quality products from POLYGLASS that can meet all of their residential and commercial application needs. For more information,