Midwest Tool And Cutlery Company’s new 2008 catalog is now available and provides product and application information for its full line of Made in U.S.A. aviation snips, tinner snips and HVAC/R specialty tools. The three-language (English, Spanish and French) catalog includes new products in the following categories: replaceable blade tinner snips, specialty snips and HVAC/R specialty tools. New products include MagSnips offset replaceable blade snips, the KNIFTI-CUT shop/electrician shear and utility snip and the Duct Tightener Tool. MagSnips feature a light-in-weight magnesium frame weighing just 14 ounce and offset blades that keeps hands safe and flow the material being cut for ease in cutting long rigid materials. The new Duct Tightener tool features a unique design that makes it fast and easy for one person to connect duct runs. The compact size easily fits into a tool pouch so it’s always at hand and ready to use. The KNIFTI-CUT snip is a compact multi-purpose snip featuring needle-nose blades that provide ready access to confined areas, a two-inch cut length and highly durable hot-drop forged blades. For more information, visitwww.midwestsnips.com.