March's Product Focus features roof curbs and access panels from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry.


The Bilco GS ladder roof hatch features a polycarbonate dome skylight cover and aluminum construction. The hatch is engineered with compression spring operators to provide smooth, easy, one-hand operation, regardless of the user’s size. An automatic hold-open arm locks the cover in the open position to ensure safe egress. The overlapping cover design, fully welded corners on the cover and curb, EPDM rubber gasket and fully insulated curb ensure it is weather-tight and energy efficient. The hatch is constructed with corrosion resistant materials and has a positive latching mechanism for security. For more information, call 203-934-6363 or visit


TECO Metal Products’ Stealth vibration isolation roof curb incorporates adjustable spring isolators and a roof curb into a single unit. To adjust for weight and center of gravity, the isolators are custom sized and spaced to achieve a minimum 90 percent isolation efficiency. The curb’s formed steel counterflashing provides a weather seal with easy access to the spring isolators for adjustment or replacement. Factory assembled in five to seven working days and shipped in one piece, it features a 2-inch by 6-inch treated wood nailer for attaching roofing felts. With a standard height of 21 inches, the curb can be fabricated to match height and roof pitch requirements. For more information, call 214-221-5020 or visit

Safety Rail Source

The RailHatch combo from the Safety Rail Source is pre-assembled with an OSHA-compliant KeeHatch railing system. The factory-attached railing is available with an optional gate and is constructed of 11/4-inch schedule 40 pipe and special cast fittings manufactured by Kee Industrial Products. The combo system can be hoisted to the roof and flashed normally for easy installation. To prevent roof penetration, the railings are bracket-mounted on the cap flashing. The product’s Kee Klamp fittings and railings are manufactured with galvanized steel made in the U.S.A. For more information, call 877-723-3766 or visit


FCMR-2 loose clip metal roof curbs from Fastcurbs, a division of ACME Manufacturing Corp., are constructed of all-welded 18-guage galavanized steel. Designed for field location of rib pockets, the curbs feature DEK-CAP™ end-cap flashing for standing-seam roof panels and factory-welded clips for R-panel roofs. They have a 31/2–inch wide base flashing on all sides to cover roof panels and an 8-inch wide upper flashing with a cricket-style water diverter welded to the base. The curb has 11/2-inch fiberglass sound-attenuating thermal insulation and a 1/4-inch polystyrene gasket on its top ledge. For more information, call 877-203-1998 or visit


Filter Curbs from Thybar Corp. are quickly manufactured to precise specifications. Advanced laser technology provides them with tight tolerances and solid construction at a competitive price. Each filter curb is custom manufactured due to the varying specifications of rooftop units and roof configurations. Delivery is usually within two weeks after receipt of the order. Options include a built-in roof pitch, extra height for installation of sound traps beneath the unit and a pressure treated wood nailer. The curbs have all-welded construction and are shipped to the jobsite in one piece whenever possible. For more information, call 800-666-2872 or visit


Elgee Manufacturing Co. Inc. provides guaranteed custom-fit roof curbs for a variety of manufacturers’ roof panels. The curbs are welded watertight with a water-deflecting flange for positive moisture runoff and pond reduction. Available in 16-gauge galvanized steel, Galvalume-coated steel, aluminum or stainless steel, they can be reinforced with angle iron for heavy loads. Constructed in sections with mitered corners and integral base plates, the curbs are compatible with standard or high standing seam panels. They can be fabricated for flat, single or ridge sloped roofs, and they are ideal for supporting standard or special equipment. For more information, call 800-742-0400 or visit


Kinetics Noise Control KSR isolation roof curb rails are designed and engineered to isolate packaged rooftop equipment from the roof structure. They feature accessible springs and are easily installed with minimum interference from equipment overhang. The curb rails go beyond internal isolation by reducing casing-radiated vibration caused by turbulent airflow as well as compressor and fan vibration. Their positive elastomeric air and weather seal permits the inside of the unit to be used as a return air plenum. The curb rails are available with aluminum weather seal flashing, seismic restraint, an airborne noise control package and duct block-offs. For more information, call 877-457-2695 or visit

LM Curbs

LM Curbs’ roof curbs feature seams that are made from aluminum and are continuously welded watertight. The company offers a 20-year warranty on its roof curb products and has Factory Mutual approved curbs available for approved heat and melt-out smoke vents. Other available options include partitions for rooftop HVAC equipment and a water diverter in lieu of a cricket. The curbs are manufactured on a per job basis, AutoCAD generated drawings are furnished with quotations and orders ship within one to three weeks after final approval. Sub-frame packages with support channels, back-up plates, sealant tape, caulking and screws are available. For more information, call 800-284-1412 or visit


The Pipe Portal System from the Commercial Products Group’s Roof Products & Systems Corp. is a versatile, leak-proof solution to routing pipes through the roof. Designed to allow vertical and horizontal pipe movement, it provides maintenance-free permanent installation for pipes from 3/8 of an inch to 12 inches. The curb cover is molded, durable ABS plastic with a laminated acrylic coating, providing high resistance to ozone and ultraviolet rays and a serviceable temperature range of -40°F to 160°F. The molded sealing ring on the collared opening and the corresponding groove in the rubber cap assure a pressurized, weathertight mechanical lock. The stainless steel snaplock swivel clamps guarantee the pipe seal and cut installation time by 75 percent. For more information, call 630-595-7320 or visit