Revere Copper Products, Rome, N.Y., recently celebrated the 200th anniversary of its founding by Paul Revere, the Revolutionary War patriot and renowned silversmith.

With operations in Rome, N.Y., and New Bedford, Mass., Revere Copper Products is a thriving business, and holds the distinction of having one of the 10 oldest continuous brand names in the United States.

Today, Revere Copper Products produces a wide variety of products, with end-use applications in the architectural, electrical, telecommunications and air-conditioning markets, as well as many others. In addition to customized products, Revere Copper Products’ offerings include copper and copper alloys in sheet, strip, coil, plate, bar, and extruded shapes.

Brian O’Shaughnessy, president and chief executive officer of Revere Copper Products, credits the employees with the company’s success. “Today, we are privately owned by our approximately 500 employees, who are whole-heartedly committed to the ideals of our company,” he explains. Our mission is to be the best in the world at what we do and have fun doing it. This means using to the fullest extent the talents of all Revere people working as a team in a safe, environmentally sound and ethical manner to achieve absolute customer satisfaction through superior quality and reliability.”

Five generations of direct descendants of Paul Revere continuously worked for Revere Copper until six years ago, when Paul Revere Jr., a product manager at the New Bedford facility, retired. Nevertheless, his son, Paul Revere IV, an attorney in Boston, maintains the family’s tie with the company, occasionally providing legal counsel for Revere Copper Products on environmental matters.