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3M is the world's leading supplier of colored and specialty roofing granules for use in the asphalt shingle industry. For over 70 years, 3M has provided the industry with the widest and most brilliant granule color selection that enhances the beauty of millions of homeowners' roofs. 3M has five quarries all over the United States located near shingle manufacturers to ensure a timely granule supply and minimize freight costs.

3M customers can count on highly engineered granules with the longest lasting ceramic coatings, and highest quality and performance. 3M leads the way in research and product development. After all, it was 3M that invented the copper roofing granule to prevent algae growth. The Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System combines the most powerful copper granules with one of the best known consumer brands and provides homeowners with an unparalleled 20 years of protection against algae growth.

Additionally, 3M has an unsurpassed Technical Service team that partners with our customers at 3M or at their locations to address opportunities as they arise through a broad range of problem solving skills. 3M shares its knowledge and experience with manufacturers, distributors and contractors to keep the entire industry on the leading edge. Our R&D efforts are further supported through 3M's Houston test deck where there are hundreds of customer test shingles being weathered and monitored for results, at no charge, to our customers.

3M's innovation, creativity, technology and material science expertise and operational excellence make the difference to our customers. The promise of 3M is one of rock solid foundation, products, innovation, partnerships and a bright future.

3M Industrial Mineral Products Division...Mining A Wealth Of Ideas

Allied Building Products Corp.

Since 1950 PastPresent Future ® "Building A Commitment to Quality "

Allied Building Products was established in Jersey City, N.J., in 1950 as a family-operated roofing and custom sheet metal fabrication business. We initially serviced the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area with only five employees, two small trucks, and fewer than 6,000-square-feet of office and warehouse space. Today, we are the second largest roofing and siding distributor, and the fastest growing distributor of interior products in the United States. Our parent company, Oldcastle, is a subsidiary of Dublin, Ireland, based CRH plc, one of the largest building material supply companies in the world, with 2,000 locations on three continents, and employing over 60,000 people, 33,000 in the Americas.

In a recent issue of US Business News, CEO Michael Lynch states, "Our company is successful and growing because we are always responsible to all our constituents-employees, customers, suppliers and stockholders."

Allied Building Products Corp. is a distributor of exterior and interior building materials, servicing professionals in many different sectors of the industry. Products include, but are not limited to: residential and commercial roofing; vinyl, aluminum, steel and composite sidings; windows, doors, skylights and hatches; wood and cedar products; manufactured and natural stone products; safety equipment; tools and related items; above- and below-grade waterproofing; drywall, ceiling tile, metal studs and accessories.

Allied's state-of-the-art information technology environment is specifically designed for the distribution industry and has been carefully tailored to meet the needs of this growing company. These systems enable our branches to implement industry best practices for customer service, sales order processing, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse logistics, accounting, financial reporting, and strategic business analysis.

Allied's Customer Financial Services department stands ready as a partner with our customers to provide financial expertise, assistance with projects, intelligent risk management and methods to improve cash flow. By utilizing state-of-the art technology, we are able to set the "industry standard" in providing timely invoices, statements and payment processing, as well as other ways to respond to our customers' needs.

While 70,000 items for distribution are amazing, without the proper delivery equipment and highly skilled operational personnel, we would not be able to proudly state that not only can we get WHAT you want WHEN you want it, but also we have multiple capabilities to place the material WHERE you want it as well. Our delivery fleet ranges from pickup trucks to 130-foot cranes, eight-story booms, and many other on-site handling equipment to place your material in even the most awkward of places.

Allied Building Products Corp. looks to a future of long-term growth with continued product and market diversification. We will continue to strive to meet the needs of customers-from the largest commercial industrial accounts to the small town home remodeler. Allied, from the start, has maintained high standards of integrity and service. Dedication to these ideals is the key to Allied's past, present and future in the building industry. "Expect Excellence."

Elk Premium Building Products

Elk Premium Building Products Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium laminated roofing products, has developed and introduced many of the most significant laminated roofing product innovations of the last 20 years. Recently, the company pioneered a new interply headlap technology, the centerpiece of an entirely new family of Elk shingle products. The non-asphaltic construction makes the shingle lighter and easier to handle than competing products. The shingle headlap simply flips up, and the nails are applied to a larger, 1 1/4-inch area.

Prestique® Grandé, the first shingle manufactured with this interply design, combines Elk's signature High Definition® look with a 40 percent larger exposure. The bold, large-scale look of Prestique Grandé compares with traditional roofing materials such as wood and slate. Contractors appreciate the design because each course covers more area than standard-size shingles, reducing contractor installation time by as much as 20 percent.

Like the Prestique Grandé shingle, Domain® Winslow® utilizes Elk's unique interply headlap. Its crisp, random-cut design has the high-profile look of a wood roof, without the worries. Unlike similar products that can form an unattractive zipper-like pattern on the roof, Domain Winslow's design creates a natural look. The larger exposure gives visual depth and added dimension to the roof.

Elk's family of Prestique products all have the signature High Definition dimensional look and are offered in an array of nature-inspired colors. Prestique shingles are available with limited warranties ranging from 30 to 50 years. When Prestique shingles are used in conjunction with other Elk components, they create a total roof system that delivers outstanding protections against wind and moisture. The homeowner has the added security of buying from a single source and increased umbrella coverage on the shingles to seven years (see actual warranty for details at

In April 2004, Elk opened its second laminated asphalt shingle plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The 415,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art roofing products plant will help Elk better serve its valued customers throughout the Southeast and the country. Elk also operates roofing manufacturing facilities in Ennis, Texas; Shafter, Calif.; and Myerstown, Pa.

Elk is not only committed to producing quality roofing products, but also to contractor development. The Elk Peak Performance Contractor Program is designed to educate and motivate the contractor to develop strategies for success. Participating contractors can offer homeowners enhanced warranty options, obtain marketing materials, and earn reward points towards targeted direct mail efforts and incentives. For more information on the Elk Peak Performance Contractor program call 1-877-ELKPROS.

To find out more about Elk roofing products, visit

Englert Inc.

Englert Inc., one of the pre-eminent forces in metal roofing manufacturing, is offering the industry's only limited warranty up to a 30 years on the core material of all its aluminum roofing products and a 20-to-35 year limited warranty on coatings.

Englert, one of the few single-source metal and aluminum roof manufacturers with an in-house coil coating line, offers an exceptionally broad range of finishes to meet any design objective. Whether a design calls for a natural weathered appearance or bright high-performance, full-strength fluorocarbon color, Englert offers an array of standard finishes.

With offices in 13 U.S. cities and representatives worldwide, the company currently stocks 23 standard colors in aluminum .032, 14 colors in .040 and 15 colors in .050 and can custom paint metal coil and sheet to requirements with quantities as low as 5,000 pounds.

New from Englert is its C2400 2-inch Mechanically Seamed Curved Panel, which gives contractors and architects the ability to create arched roof designs that can be brought down to a minimum radius of 118 inches in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper with a convex, tapered or elliptical curve.

The C2400 2-inch curving system can be installed over open purlins, 4-foot-on-center or over a solid deck. The 2-inch curved profile can be locked with a 90-degree fold and panel widths for the arched application are infinitely adjustable from 12 to 28 inches in all metals in single lock seam configurations. The panel, along with the new Englert Metalman C2400 Curving Machine, permits easy on-site manufacturing of canopies, walkways and building entries where the roof radius is less than 80 to 85 feet.

Also new from Englert is Gutter Tunnel, a novel dual filtration system that protects gutters from falling leaves and other natural debris while allowing water to flow freely along the bottom of the gutter trough. Now roofing and gutter contractors and dealers can offer customers a product that replaces screens and other attachments that fail to prevent shredded leaves and other smaller debris from entering and settling in gutters. New Gutter Tunnel protects against debris and forms a tunnel in the bottom of the gutter allowing water to flow uninhibited.

The new product can be purchased as needed by contractors, allowing them to fill a customer need with no capital investment or territorial limitations required. Contractors interested in learning more about the new Gutter Tunnel can access its Web site at or contact Joseph Turovac at Englert Inc. at 877-8TUNNEL (877-888-6635).

GAF Materials Corp.

Quality You Can Trust Since 1886...from North America's Largest Roofing Manufacturer.

As North America's largest roofing manufacturer, GAF Materials Corp. is committed to helping contractors build their business and avoid hassles-while achieving the best and safest roofing solutions for their clients.

Market-Leading Steep-Slope Solutions

Market-Leading Brands: Including Timberline®, the #1-selling architectural shingle in North America and winner of the Builder's Choice Award. Extensive Premium Shingle Options: to meet the rapidly increasing demand for upscale shingle designs. Includes Camelot™, Grand Slate™, Grand Canyon™, Grand Sequoia®, Country Estates™, Country Mansion®, and Slateline® shingles, which emulate the look of natural materials like wood, slate and stone-at a fraction of the cost.

System Selling Solutions: Featuring the GAF Weather Stopper® Integrated Roofing System™ and now including HeavenScape™ Premium Skylights. Award-Winning Certified Contractor Program: Judged by many to be the most extensive business-building program in the industry, with the strongest warranties available anywhere. The program won the NRCA's 2004 Award for Best Marketing Program!

Superior Low-Slope Solutions

Unbiased Approach. Unlike some roofing manufacturers who seem to have a "one-technology-fits-all" mentality, our goal is to help you build your business by matching the right roofing technology to your clients' specific needs. We can do this because we offer all major low-slope roofing technologies, including repair and maintenance products, roof restoration systems (often at up to half the cost of a new roof), as well as new roofing systems (BUR, MB, TPO, PVC, EPDM and composite systems).

Special and Unique Guarantees. Including Well Roof Advantage (extends a low-slope roof guarantee by up to 25 percent for free, as long as regular maintenance is performed) and the All-American Pledge Guarantee (the first NDL guarantee that covers both low- and steep-slope roofs on a single property). Energy Smart. Some of these roofing options even have the ENERGY STAR® and/or CRRC ratings, to take advantage of the growing interest in energy-saving, white reflective roofing.

CARE: The Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence

Knowledge is the key to making sound roofing decisions. GAF is proud to support CARE-the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence-a non-profit organization dedicated solely to roofing education. In its first three years, CARE has provided classroom and hands-on roofing education to over 25,000 industry members, including roofing contractors, distributors, architects, specifiers, property owners and managers, and insurance industry personnel.

Visit or call 866-671-CARE (2273) for class schedules and details.

GenFlex Roofing Systems

GenFlex Roofing Systems, Maumee, Ohio, is known in the industry for its innovations. GenFlex was the first to market EPDM seam tape products, which are now the standard in the industry for long lasting seam performance. GenFlex developed non-halogenated TPO membranes in wide-width sheets, reducing labor time for our contractor customers.

More recently the development of the widest width PVC roofing sheets-up to 12 feet wide-gives contractors an installed cost advantage due to less seaming and handling. The development of a patented dual-weld thermoplastic application method offers the best performing TPO or PVC thermoplastic heat-welded seams. But, the latest from GenFlex may be the best yet-a full line of "peel and stick" TPO commercial roofing products that drastically reduce labor costs while lowering energy demand and providing an environmentally friendly installation.

The GenFlex Peel & Stick TPO Membrane System is a revolutionary way to increase productivity and cut labor costs by up to 50 percent. The TPO membrane, curb flashing, seam tape, cover tapes and TPO pipe boots all feature pre-applied pressure-sensitive adhesive, eliminating the need for field-application of bonding adhesives and hand heat welding.

Jon Apgar, vice president, marketing and sales, states; "Thanks to GenFlex peel and stick adhesive technology; there are fewer products to handle. Each component of the system is easier and simpler to install, less labor time is needed to install the system and consistent installation quality is easier to maintain."

The installation of these products is safer for crew members since there is no hot asphalt or flames from torches that can cause burns or provide a fire hazard. There are so many fewer products and quantity of products to handle-about 1/8th as many-that setup and staging time is significantly reduced. The building owner benefits because of fewer fumes, less noise, less inconvenience and less hassle, and the contractor gets on and off the job quicker-in about half the time or less. The Peel & Stick TPO Membrane System also meets Energy Star® guidelines for energy efficiency due to its highly reflective surface.

Headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, GenFlex offers EPDM, TPO and PVC membranes, polyisocyanurate insulation, fasteners, and a complete line of insulation and accessory products. GenFlex Roofing Systems is a business of OMNOVA Solutions Inc., a technology-based polymer and specialty chemical business with operations in the global marketplace.

For more information, visit


IKO manufactures residential and commercial roofing products, related materials and accessories, including fiberglass and organic asphalt shingles in traditional three-tab, laminated architectural and designer styles; SBS and APP commercial rolled roofing; underlayment; air and vapor barrier; and a huge variety of waterproofing products. IKO has been setting the standard for over 50 years by supplying homeowners, contractors, architects, spec writers and other roofing professionals with innovative, top-quality roofing products and superlative customer service.

IKO is the world's largest manufacturer/supplier of commercial roofing products and one of North America's leading manufacturers of asphalt shingles. Its competitive advantage is that it's a vertically integrated company. IKO manufactures most of its own raw materials. This not only ensures a reliable source of raw materials for its plants, it results in a consistency of final product that few, if any, competitors can match.

The entire industry faces the challenge of rising costs and availability of raw materials, especially given current crude oil price fluctuations. However, thanks to IKO's vertical integration, it's well positioned to keep these costs in check.

IKO has always been an innovator in terms of developing new products that meet its customers' needs. IKO Protecto Standard Ice & Water Protector and Grandeur fiberglass laminated shingles were recently introduced. Grandeur has a UL2218 rating for impact resistance and appears destined for success. At its Research and Quality Control Center, IKO technical managers are constantly refining not only the products made, but also the processes that make them. In response to the North American market's move away from hot-torch-applied roofing membranes, IKO has invented new products to enlarge and enhance its lineup of cold-applied materials for the commercial market.

Providing top-quality goods and efficient distribution is not enough. IKO is also committed to helping contractors market its products to their customers. An exciting new sales tool called "RoofViewerTM" was introduced earlier this year. Available on CD-ROM or online, it's an interactive program that allows contractors and customers to select a shingle style and color that co-ordinate with various colors of brick, siding and trim.

In early summer, IKO broke ground on a new manufacturing plant in Kankakee, Ill., and continues to invest in upgrading existing facilities, some of which have received ISO certification. IKO continues to forge strategic alliances with several European roofing manufacturers. By leveraging the excellent reputation it has built in North America, IKO plans to lead the European market and make inroads into Asia.

Johns Manville Roofing Systems

Johns Manville, Denver, offers comprehensive product lines, service capabilities, and guarantee programs for commercial, industrial and institutional roofing markets. JM Roofing Systems is part of Johns Manville, a company that manufactures a wide range of building materials, including formaldehyde-free building insulations.

Product Focus: Johns Manville Roofing Systems comprise four major product areas: membranes, which include materials for built-up, modified bitumen (SBS and APP), single-ply (PVC, TPO and EPDM); insulation products for low-, mid- and high-thermal applications; roof coatings, cements and adhesives; and a full line of accessories, including expansion joint covers, flexible drains, vents, fascia and coping systems. All these materials are designed to work together in a functionally integrated system, thereby enabling JM to offer the industry's most comprehensive roof performance guarantee program: The Johns Manville Gold Shield and UltraGard Guarantees.

Manufacturing Facilities: With plant locations nationwide, JM is the responsible supplier of virtually every roofing component in its systems, resulting in more consistent quality in the finished product and improved in-place performance. These capabilities are enhanced by one of the most complete roofing research and development centers in the world.

Peak Advantage Contractor Program: In order to ensure quality workmanship and top-notch installation, JM is proud to offer its Peak Advantage Program for contractors. Contractors selected for the Peak Advantage program are proven to be best-of-class, having lived up to the highest performance standards. These contractors have access to JM's strongest guarantees.

Major Product Lines BUR felts: GlasPly Premier, GlasPly IV, PermaPly 28, Ventsulation Felt, GlasBase Plus, GlasKap and GlasTite Flexible

SBS modified bitumen roofing membranes: DynaKap, DynaGlas, DynaClad, DynaLastic 250, DynaLastic 180, DynaPly, DynaWeld Cap FR, JMCleanBond, MBR Flashing Cements and Adhesives

APP modified bitumen roofing membranes: APPeX Series, BICOR M FR. Single-ply roofing membranes: UltraGard PVC, TPO and EPDM, plus a large range of accessories

Perlite: Fesco Board, 1/2-inch Retro-Fit Board, DuraBoard


Polyisocyanurate: ENRGY 3, ISO 3

Composites: Fesco Foam, ENRGY 3 Plus, DuraFoam

Tapered precut crickets and miters

Roof Coatings, Cements and Adhesives: Bestile, TopGard

Expansion joint covers: Expand-O-Flash

Drains: Flex-I-Drain, RetroDrain Series

Vents: FP-10 One Way

Fascia and coping systems: Presto Lock, Presto-Tite

Flashings: GlasTite Flexible, DynaFlex, DynaClad

Roof Walkway Pads: DynaTred, UltraGard PVC WBP-100

Roof Fasteners: UltraFast, UltraGrip

The above products are registered trademarks of Johns Manville. For more information, please visit

Karnak Corp.

Karnak Capabilities

Professional roofing manufacturers that have remained successful in the industry have one thing in common: products that have withstood the test of time. For over 70 years, Karnak has provided professional roofers with quality roof coatings and cements, whose consistency and longevity they can rely on. Producing great products is just one of the many attributes that have bestowed Karnak with a loyal professional contractor following. Karnak backs up all of its products with unparalleled support and service.

Technology Leader. Karnak is the industry's technology leader when it comes to the development of: Energy Star® compliant roof coatings; UL and FM fire-rated aluminum coatings; FM 1-90-rated modified bitumen adhesives, rubberized cements, acrylic coatings, caulks, etc. Karnak's research and technical personnel are constantly working to develop and test the leading products of the future today.

Industry Supporter. Karnak is a supporter, exhibitor, and active member of most U.S. and international roofing and waterproofing contractor organizations. Karnak constantly provides training and support to multiple industry organizations. We work with building owners and managers to develop and provide quality leads for our contractor partners.

Quality Champion. Karnak's rigid quality control standards set the benchmark for the industry. From the testing of incoming raw materials and finished products, to automating the production process via state-of-the-art computer processors and system controllers, Karnak has taken an unprecedented step in modernizing the roof coatings and cements industry.

Service Leader. Karnak is deeply committed to satisfying the needs of its customer: the roofing and waterproofing contractor. A toll-free number and a Web site are designed to give contractors easy access to information, MSDS and specification assistance. Karnak's service and technical departments are ready to provide contractors with the information they need when they need it.

Karnak manufactures a complete line of high quality, cold-applied coatings and cements for roofing and waterproofing applications. Karnak offers a choice of five Energy Star coating options to satisfy the performance and budgetary needs of most building owners. LEEDS Points may be obtained by using Karnak's Energy Star compliant coatings. UL, CRRC and FM-rated, Karnak's products are third-party certified by UL to comply with ASTM specifications.

For more information, visit, or call 800.526.4236.

Olympic Fasteners

Olympic Fasteners offers a complete line of fasteners, adhesives, drains and accessories for those who demand the best in roofing. For nearly 25 years, Olympic has been a worldwide leader in the production and supply of commercial roofing products.

Olympic Fasteners is responsive to the needs of the industry, unveiling new products and enhancing existing offerings to meet the changing demands of commercial roofing. Among the innovative new products at Olympic are the OlyFlow™ Hercules retrofit roof drain, OlyBond500® SpotShot™ roof insulation adhesive and OlyLok™, the innovative locking impact nail.

OlyFlow is the comprehensive line of replacement, retrofit and new connection drains. Roofing contractors can save time and money using these easy-to-install drains and accessories. In just a few minutes, Olympic can show you how to significantly improve the performance of the drainage system on your next reroof project.

OlyBond roof insulation adhesives are great for occupied projects such as schools and hospitals because they do not create any unpleasant odors or noise on the job. The patented dual-component pumping mechanism on the OlyBond PaceCart™ allows OlyBond500 to be applied quickly on large jobs, while OlyBond500 SpotShot technology allows for easy, cordless and silent application on smaller projects or in tight spaces.

Olympic Fasteners offers a complete line of specialty fasteners to attach membrane and insulation to all types of roof decks. Want to know which fastener will offer the best pull-out value in a gypsum deck? Looking for a quick way to install fasteners and plates on a large job? Olympic Fasteners can help you with all of these questions and more, because Olympic boasts a nationwide, factory-direct field service team. This team of Rooftop Specialists™ is available for ANSI on-site pull testing and product demos. In addition, Olympic provides toll-free technical support for all of our product lines.

Call Olympic Fasteners to find out which of our many products will work best for your application. For additional information, visit or call 800.633.3800.

Owens Corning

For over 20 years, Owens Corning has been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to the roofing industry. Leaders in the conversion from felt to high-performance fiberglass shingles and champions of the complete roofing system, today Owens Corning is committed to delivering an extensive line of shingles that provide superior performance, outstanding aesthetics and value to the roofing professional.

Today's professionals understand that success lies in satisfying the growing desire of homeowners to personalize their homes. Owens Corning's Berkshire® Collection and Oakridge® PRO Series™ shingles feature unique colors, textures and shadow lines that are compatible with a wide variety of architectural styles and personal tastes, helping roofing professionals create a distinctive look for their customers.

Berkshire Collection Shingles: Since the introduction of the Berkshire Collection of shingles, those who desire the elegant look of slate for their homes have been drawn to the distinctive look and exceptional value of the shingles. Berkshire shingles evoke a natural slate look because of a patented technology that allows for the precise placement of blend drops to define individual tabs. The shape, color and definition of the tabs provide a slate-like feel-imparting a striking appearance to the roof. Available in a palette of rich colors, the heavy-weight shingles are double laminated for added dimension and durability, and the large shingles with a large exposure-all stacked face up-means fewer shingles per square and more efficient installation for contractors.

Oakridge PRO Series Shingles: Featuring deep, creative shadow lines and rich colors that maximize depth and dimension, Owens Corning's Oakridge PRO Series of shingles enhance the architectural detail of any home. The 30-, 40- and 50-year offerings in the Oakridge PRO Series each have unique looks, giving homeowners a great reason to upgrade-and offering contractors great up-sell potential.

· Oakridge PRO 50® Deep Shadow shingles have distinct color blends and patented double-shadow lines to create a striking, three-dimensional effect.

· Oakridge PRO 40®Shadow shingles offer natural color blends and complementary shadows.

· Oakridge PRO 30® shingles have soft color blends and shadows for a subtle appearance.

Both the Berkshire Collection and Oakridge PRO Series shingles work best as part of Owens Corning's Roofing System, which delivers unbeatable warranty, performance, aesthetics and peace of mind. The individual components of the roofing system-including shingles, weather-resistant underlayment, and proper attic ventilation-work together to provide optimum durability, as well as enhance the overall beauty of the home.

For more information on these or any other Owens Corning products, visit or call 1-800-GET-PINK.

The Ruscoe Co.

"We've got a roof restoration system that will buy a building owner another five to 10 years of leak-free service, in some cases for one third the cost of a new roof," says Paul Michalec, president of The Ruscoe Co., in Akron, Ohio. "But we're never going to say it can't be better. That's why we're constantly testing and modifying our formulas and tweaking the materials we supply to roofing contractors."

The Ruscoe "system" is just that. It's a complete soup-to-nuts supply of everything a contractor could need to fix minor cracks, including Seam Sealer and Ruscoe Professional Strength Nitrile Rubber Sealants. Those are the same sealants contractors have used successfully for gutters, down spouts, flashings, doors and windows and a host of other applications. Wider cracks can be repaired with sealants and Ruscoe's Reliobond Roof Seam Tapes. Once the prep work is done, roofs are coated with Ruscoe's Nitrile Aluminized Primer and finished with Ruscoe's Cool White top coat.

"The primer and Cool White top coat can be applied by roller or spray," Michalec explains. "Larger areas, or profiled roofs like low-sloped standing-seam metal roofs are most efficiently done with a spray gun," Michalec says. "In terms of actual manpower investment, we use the two-men, two-hours, 2,000-square-feet formula with our roller application.

"Obviously, a sprayed application goes a lot faster. While there are significant differences between our products and some of the others available to contractors, perhaps the most notable is that our products will not delaminate or emulsify in ponded water. We've got products on roofs that have nearly year-round ponding and we still provide leak-free protection," Michalec explains.

"One of our original 1996 test roofs in Michigan was completely alligatored and should have been a tear-off," he says. "But the building owner didn't have the money for a new roof. We patched and simply used our nitrile rubber primer and aluminum roof coat to cover the problem surface. We went back to that facility in summer 2002, and applied our new Cool White top coat directly over the six-year-old, leak-free restoration. The finished product looks terrific.

"The building owner has had eight years of service from a horrible roof," Michalec says, "and he's probably looking at another four to six years leak-free extension. And, he hasn't paid for one half of a new roof."

For more information, contact Paul Michalec, president, The Ruscoe Co., at 330-253-8148.

TAMKO Roofing Products Inc.

TAMKO Roofing Products Inc. was founded in 1944 with a single asphalt shingle line in Joplin, Mo. Since then, TAMKO has gone on to become the nation's largest independent manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing materials. In addition to superior-quality roofing products, TAMKO also offers a complete line of waterproofing products, ventilation products, and asbestos-free cements and coatings. Each of these products delivers the assurance of TAMKO quality, performance and durability that contractors have come to rely on for their building projects.

TAMKO's residential product line has grown to include a broad range of roofing options. The Heritage® line-TAMKO's flagship residential roofing brand-now includes Heritage 50, Heritage 30, and the expansive beauty of Heritage XL shingles. Lamarite® Slate Composite Shingles provide another outstanding roofing option, offering the natural beauty of traditional slate with unnatural performance. The newest addition to the line is METALWORKS® Steel Shingles, offering the classic look of slate, wood or tile with the contemporary protection of metal.

For commercial roofing applications, TAMKO offers the Awaplan line-America's first SBS-modified roll roofing products. Awaplan roll roofing redefined commercial roofing standards in 1978 for tear strength, elasticity and puncture resistance, and today it remains the trusted choice for roofers. In addition to Awaplan products, TAMKO manufactures a complete line of commercial products for built-up applications.

Superior TAMKO performance begins at the rooftop, but it doesn't end there. TAMKO's expertise with SBS-modified technology has been applied to its wide selection of above- and below-grade waterproofing sheet membranes. TAMKO also manufactures asbestos-free cements and coatings, formulated from selected ingredients to meet the finishing needs of roofing professionals.

All TAMKO products are designed with the needs of contractors in mind. This means fast and easy application, as well as superior performance to help reduce the threat of callbacks. For homeowners, TAMKO products provide unmatched beauty and durability.

TAMKO's commitment to roofing professionals is also evident in its customer service. The TAMKO Express program offers quick turnaround times on small-quantity orders, and mixed truckloads are available to add further convenience and affordability. The TAMKO Web site ( is a comprehensive resource featuring detailed information on TAMKO products. The site includes such information as application instructions, product data sheets, specifications and sales literature. This information can also be obtained via TAMKO's fax-on-demand program. Tech Service is available to provide advice and product support.


Providing engineered fastening solutions for the construction industry.

The TRUFAST story is another classic example of American entrepreneurship, innovation and commitment. Founded in 1981 by Duane and Barb Spangler, the company began manufacturing a unique type of roof fastener out of their home in Bryan, Ohio- home to such other notable manufacturing success stories as the Ohio Art Etch-a-Sketch™ and Spangler Candy Dum-Dum™ lollipop. As its product offering grew to include other new and improved fastening systems, TRUFAST developed a reputation with both distributors and contractors for high quality products and outstanding service. Today, TRUFAST is a recognized leading manufacturer and distributor to the North American roofing market thanks to its state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities backed by a skilled and dedicated workforce.

According to Brian Roth, TRUFAST president, "The key to our success is the commitment on behalf of the shareholders to reinvest in more efficient, higher productivity equipment, and the ability of our people to manage the new technology." The end result is consistent quality and improved throughput so that TRUFAST customers are assured of the performance they expect and have the product when they need it. In fact, customers have come to expect their TRUFAST orders to ship same day or next day!

In addition to its comprehensive offering of FM-Approved roofing fasteners, insulation plates and bar product, TRUFAST has also added skylight fall protection systems and several distribution lines that make the company an even more valuable supplier. For example, as a Red Diamond Distributor for Dow roofing adhesives and foam insulation products, the company's list of fastening solutions includes industry-leading products such as Insta-Stik™, Froth-Pak, Tile Bond and Great Stuff Pro Series products.

With its "roots" firmly planted in the roofing industry, TRUFAST has further broadened its fastening solutions for other segments of the construction industry, including metal construction, concrete, structural insulated panels (SIP), log and timber frame, and decking.

For fastening solutions that are delivered when they're needed and perform according to specification, you can take TRUFAST to the roof. For more information, visit