Where do you go for live, fact-to-face information geared to your business, your industry, your situation?

To Be a Roofing Contractor

One common characteristic of successful roofing contractors is their natural tendency to be fiercely independent. Roof contracting is a decidedly “hands-on” enterprise. Most roofing contractors I know are proud of their independence, and rightly so.

This independence has, however, a bit of a dark side. It can get lonely when you are the boss. There are some things you simply cannot discuss with the people in your employ. There are aspects of your work you probably would not want to discuss with your spouse. Your competition is the closest thing to someone who would know what you go through every day, but in most cases you cannot confide in them.

To Be a Better Roofing Contractor

Roofing contractors also face limited availability of continuing education. We are delighted to bring you some of this between the pages of Roofing Contractor every month, and appreciate your taking advantage of it. You have manufacturers and distributors who are more than willing to assist with technical knowledge. Lawyers and accountants provide answers to business questions and problems all the time. But where do you go for live, fact-to-face information geared to your business, your industry, your situation?

You go to the roofing convention.

To Become the Best Roofing Contractor You Can Be

There is no other forum in our business that can match what you will see, hear, do, learn and experience at the convention. Next month, the premier event in the roofing industry in this country will be held in New Orleans: the National Roofing Contractors Association’s 116th annual Convention and Exhibit. There are other state and regional conventions available to you over the course of the year, and one of those may be more appropriate for you, but this one is the “big daddy” of them all.

You should go to page 23 of this magazine, register to attend the convention, make your travel arrangements, and then take the time off to attend. It will not only make you a more learned and better roofing contractor; it will make you money as you take home management and technical tools that will improve your business, and perhaps even your life.

If you are concerned about the small cost of gaining this knowledge, or taking the time away from your business, you may wish to reconsider your decision to be in this business. That may sound harsh, but think about it. If your business cannot afford to send its leader(s) for more training and education, how will it ever grow?

Just Go

I will not attempt to describe all the activities of the convention here. NRCA will be happy to send you complete information (see page 23). I can tell you, however, that there will be a trade show featuring a who’s-who of roofing material, equipment and services suppliers whose key management and technical people will be there to greet you in person. There will be numerous seminars, product demonstrations and opportunities for continuing your education. New products and systems will be announced here because everyone loves to introduce their latest at the NRCA convention.

Perhaps the most important thing you will experience is the opportunity to interact with your peers from around the country. Most of them face the same issues as you do, and they are not your competitors. You will make new friends and alliances that you simply cannot make if you sit on your ass at home and do not take this trip.

And While You Are There

Look us up. Roofing Contractor always attends the NRCA trade show as well as seminars, luncheons and other convention activities. We are always anxious to hear from our readers, but really get a lot of energy from meeting with you face to face.