Do you want high-end shingles that last? These super heavyweights have 50-year warranties or better!

Atlas Roofing Corp.: StormMaster LM

Insurers such as State Farm Insurance are offering discounts on homeowners' premiums in 21 U.S. states for installing impact-resistant shingles like StormMaster ST and StormMaster LM from Atlas Roofing Corp. These shingles have earned a Class IV rating from the Underwriters Laboratory for impact resistance. StormMaster shingles also passed the harshest 110 mph wind test and the 120 mph wind-driven rain test. The blending of SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) into Atlas's shingle formula creates an extraordinarily tough product with superior flexibility and durability. A wide variety of color schemes allow the flexibility to create a dramatic architectural look.

CertainTeed Corp.: Landmark™ TL IR

Landmark™ TL IR complies with UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials, meeting the highest test rating for impact resistance. Engineered with a tough fiberglass scrim on its back surface for durability, homeowners who have the strong tri-laminate asphalt shingle installed may be eligible for insurance premium reductions depending on their insurers and location of their properties. Available in five color blends Landmark TL IR displays the timeless appearance of wood shakes on one of the thickest, most durable shingles available.

CertainTeed Corp.: Centennial Slate™

CertainTeed broke new ground in the roofing industry with the introduction of Centennial Slate™. Made possible by a sophisticated patent-pending shingle-cutting and granule-blending production process, Centennial Slate simulates the natural color variations of blended slate at a fraction of the cost. The shingle utilizes CertainTeed's exclusive Super Shangle® construction with two full-size 18- by 36-inch base shingles, resulting in four layers of shingle protection and eight-inch exposure when applied. Centennial Slate is available in six colors including Black Granite, Country Slate, Fieldstone, New England Slate, Plymouth Rock and Smokey Quartz.

CertainTeed Corp.: Grand Manor Shangle®

Grand Manor Shangle® is beautiful in form and function. With shingles available in earth tones and subtle hues, its design and shadow lines create a depth and dimension that mirror the natural appearance of wood or slate. Grand Manor is one of the heaviest asphalt shingles ever produced and comes with a 15-year algae-resistance warranty, 10-year SureStart protection and a 10-year warranty against winds up to 110 mph.

Elk Building Products Co.: Domain Winslow

For an authentic wood shake appearance and all the fire protection and durability of an Elk roof, ask for Elk Domain Winslow. The bold wood shake appearance adds character to homes and steep-slope buildings. The unique random-cut design creates a natural look. The exposure range gives visual depth and added dimension to the roof. StainGuard treatment inhibits the discoloration of roofing granules caused by the growth of algae.

Elk Building Products Co.: Prestique Gallery Collection by Bart Forbes

The Prestique Gallery Collection features timeless hues whose rich appearance reflects the splendors of the natural world. These color blends are the result of collaboration of with internationally acclaimed artist Bart Forbes. Perfect your masterpiece with color-matched roof accessory paint and ridge products.

Elk Building Products Co.: Prestique Plus High Definition

Prestique® Plus with Elk's enhanced High Definition look offers an impressive dimensionality that is unsurpassed in the industry. Backed by a 50-year limited warranty with an option for limited transferability.

GAF Materials Corp.: Camelot

Camelot™ Premium Designer Shingles combine timeless beauty with uncompromising performance. Two ultra-thick layers combine with intricately crafted color blending that results in unparalleled dimensionality and stunning beauty. Camelot shingles feature a Super Heavyweight "Plus" construction (approximately 460 pounds per square) for ultimate durability. In fact, Camelot shingles are confidently warranted to withstand winds up to 110 mph. The shingles are Class A fire-rated, which is the best fire rating possible, and also come with Algae Eater protection from unsightly blue-green algae. The 17- by 40-inch size and larger 7.5-inch exposure reduce installation time and cost.

GAF Materials Corp.: Grand Slate

Grand Slate Premium Designer Shingles have massive, extra-thick tabs and a specially blended color palette that creates the look of real slate shingles at only a fraction of the cost of expensive slate. At approximately 425 pounds per square, they are 60 percent thicker than each layer of other "premium" fiberglass shingles and are warranted to withstand winds up to 110 mph. The shingles are Class A fire-rated, which is the best fire rating possible, and also come with Algae Eate™ protection from unsightly blue-green algae. The 17- by 4-inch size and larger 7.5-inch exposure reduce installation time and cost.

GAF Materials Corp.: Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon™ Premium Designer Shingles feature carefully sculpted shingle tabs that combine with a subtle "shadow effect" that results in a sophisticated yet rugged design. A specially formulated color palette is designed to accentuate the natural wood shake look. The massive, extra-thick shingle tabs are 20 percent thicker to give the roof unmatched dimensionality and depth of real wood shakes. The shingles feature a Super-Heavyweight "Plus" construction (approximately 450 pounds per square) for ultimate durability. The shingles are Class A fire-rated, which is the best fire rating possible, and also come with Algae Eater protection from unsightly blue-green algae.

IKO: Cambridge 50AR

Cambridge 50AR premium laminated fiberglass architectural shingles are engineered to look as great as they perform, no matter what the climate. Using nature's colors, IKO has created 11 unique, computer-generated colors that represent the best of residential roofing. These dramatic hues and intense colors have been created to express the individuality of your home. Oversized, these shingles mimic the highly defined architectural appearance of natural shakes or tiles. Cambridge 50AR shingles come with a limited 50-year warranty that includes five-year IKO "Iron Clad" protection.

IKO: Regency

Regency laminated fiberglass designer shingles create the timeless appeal of a classic natural shake roof. Their double-layer construction allows for deeper shadow lines. Random-cut profiles enhance the rough-hewn texture and natural appearance so prized by discerning homeowners. Regency shingles perfectly complement century or farm homes or any home with a high-pitched roof, which shows the "tiles" to optimum advantage. A modified sealant provides superior wind resistance-guaranteed up to 90 mph (145 km/h). Regency also comes with a limited 50-year warranty that includes five-year IKO "Iron Clad" protection.

IKO: Crowne Slate

Crowne Slate is unlike any shingle the company has ever produced. Available in three naturalistic colors, the shingle has the breathtaking beauty and curb appeal of natural slate tiles without their expense, weight and maintenance worries. IKO's exclusive color-blending technology mirrors the subtle color gradations and textural nuances of natural slate. Crowne Slate features an algae-resistant granule and offers a limited wind warranty up to 110 mph. Its limited 50-year warranty includes five-year IKO "Iron Clad" protection.

Owens Corning: Woodcrest

Woodcrest™ shingles deliver superior performance and the Class A fire rating that living in high fire-risk areas demands. They are ideal for the low-slope roofs popular in Western architecture, but are equally suited for the steep slopes of more traditional homes. These innovative shingles offer a combination of seven dramatic colors-Timber, Granite, Sycamore, Chestnut, Red Rock, Mesquite and Carbon. Woodcrest shingles provide the assurance of a 50-year limited warranty with a 90-mph wind resistance warranty.

TAMKO: Heritage 50 and Heritage 50 AR

TAMKO's finest laminated self-sealing asphalt shingles combine the beauty of wood shakes with the durability and fire protection of fiberglass. TAMKO's unique Shadowtone granule blend adds visual contrast and depth of appearance. Heritage 50 shingles are covered by a 50-year limited warranty and are listed by U.L. for Class A fire and wind resistance for your home's protection and your peace of mind. They can be used in new construction or reroofing. Heritage 50 AR laminated fiberglass shingles are the heavyweight algae-relief model in TAMKO's Heritage Series of premium asphalt architectural shingles.