RAS Systems, Peachtree City, Ga., offers the Turbobend, Turbobend Plus and XXL-Center. Maximum gauge and overall length for the Turbobend is 16-gauge mild steel and 124-inch bend length (all bends are up). For the Turbobend Plus, the maximum is 14-gauge mild steel and 126-inch bend length (all bends are up). It can also be equipped with 4-inch segmented tools for box and pan work. The XXL-Center has a maximum of 16-gauge mild steel and an overall bend length of 21 feet. It can fold parts up and down without the assistance of an operator. Programming for all machines is GUI and character-based. In addition, they all come with a keypad, but optional touch screens are now available. All machines are designed with Finite Element Analysis for an optimum of low deflection, tension and torsion. They also have an automatic folding beam adjustment to allow for different material thickness.