Ludowici Roof Tile, New Lexington, Ohio, introduces Celadon™ Ceramic Slate™ and Imperial Slate. Celadon Ceramic Slate is a fired-clay, interlocking ceramic roofing product formed to look like quarry-mined slate. It is 10 5/18 inches by 6 inches (with a 10- by 13-inch exposure), has a 3/4-inch nominal thickness, with 111 pieces to a square. It is lighter than slate and stronger than ever before. Celadon is even easier to handle and install at 598 pounds per square. Imperial Slate is an extra-thick ceramic roofing tile, which replicates the depth, stratification and patina of mined slate in almost every aspect. Imperial Slate is 10 3/16 inches by 16 inches (9 1/2- by 13-inch exposure), with 117 pieces to a square, at 890 pounds per square.