Owens Corning, Toledo, Ohio, offers MiraVista® Slate, made with real ground slate and cast in molds made from actual slate for the authentic look of stone. It comes in four colors – Merlot, Cavern, Sequoia and Sage – so it can be mixed for a multicolor look typical of natural slate installations. The shingle is available in two sizes – a traditional 13-inch wide piece and a 5-inch and 8-inch combo piece – to help break up the roof and provide a more random look. The simulated slate shingles prevent the growth of moss and splittingand their natural hue is maintained throughout the life of the roof. The shingles are manufactured without a surface shine to create a “weathered” look. MiraVista Slate shingles are backed by a 50-year transferable limited warranty, are highly resistant to weather extremes, such as high winds and freeze/thaw cycles, and are Class A fire-rated.

Also available are MiraVista Shake shingles, which combine the textured look of natural wood with the durable strength of fiberglass composite technology. Available in three colors – Aspen, Walnut and Cedar – the simulated shake shingles are made of slate and clay reinforced with fiberglass and bonded with resin. They are molded from natural wood grains, and the color is consistent throughout the shake to prevent flaking or peeling during shipping or installation. The shakes are lightweight and they are immune to moisture. They come with a 50-year limited, one-time transferable warranty and have earned the highest rating for protection against fire – Class A.