Firestone Building Products, Carmel, Ind., introduces the new TPO Eco Walkway Pad. The pad is 30 inches wide by 40 feet in length and can be used for a continuous walkway system or can be cut into pads for use around HVAC units, doorways and hatches. Because of its light gray color, the product is cooler to handle during installation vs. black walkway pads. Also, as an alternative to conventional penetration pockets for new and reroof projects, Firestone offers TPO Penetration Pockets. These are pre-formed and uniform in size to ensure consistent application rates of pourable sealer. The penetration pockets also save the time and money required to fabricate metal penetration pockets. Each kit includes six pockets and reinforcing rings, stir sticks and a 6-ounce can of TPO QuickPrime.